Jake "The Snake" Roberts Makes Surprise Return On Old School Raw

Jake "The Snake" Roberts made a surprise appearance on this week's "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw.

Following the show's main event of Roman Reigns vs. CM Punk, Roberts' music hit and he came out with the snake in a bag. The New Age Outlaws helped CM Punk clear the ring and Roberts put the snake on Dean Ambrose.

While Roberts was placing the snake on Ambrose, Punk was audibly heard saying, "It's PG now Jake, it's PG."

The show went off the air with Roberts face-to-face with the snake.

  • opie

    Looked like Ambrose might have been marking out a bit over Jake, but who the hell smiles when someone’s putting a snake on them?

    • Tony Rankin

      If you’ve ever seen him work as Jon Moxley, you’d think its perfectly normal.

  • King A sshole

    My sister threw the remote at me when Jake came out… I got a little loud… and started jumping on the couch.

    • SweetCyn

      Normal people just don’t get it!

  • Dustyn

    I was genuinely surprised!! Love it!!

  • Jeff Ono

    Jake The Snake’s surprise return was AWESOME. What a thrill to see him standing tall after hitting rock bottom years ago and lifting himself back up. Say all you want about DDP Yoga. But Jake did the work. I pray that he keeps it up. And if he can somehow pass on knowledge (on wrestling psychology) to guys like Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Cody Rhodes and others willing to learn, WATCH OUT. Jake was the master of the microphone before wrestlers actually wanted a microphone. Great way to end RAW!

  • Nostaljack

    Xavier and I were marking like little school girls when Jake showed up! It came totally out of nowhere! I love it when WWE can totally surprise us. It’s a rare thing nowadays but, when they do it, they nail it!

  • Tim

    It was great watching dean Ambrose trying to hold back. It’s always great to see that. I remember on a house show Kane went for his pyros and they never went off you could see him smiling a little about it.

  • 1molly23

    Seeing Jake the Snake Roberts looking so well was a thrill! Many good wishes and prayers for his continued sobriety and good health. And Ambrose’s smile was just the icing on the cake. What a GREAT ending to Raw!

  • Rus

    DDP & Jake the Snake Hall of Fame 2014!!!! Jake might get his wish to be in the royal rumble after all………. Very great ending and very old school gotta love it when WWE actually pull it off & has everyone loving it like a bunch of kids again

  • Jake

    The Raw crowd was a sheer disappointment, especially when Jake Roberts came out. Mark-out moment, nevertheless!!

    • Tammy Adams

      Jake, I agree. I was like What the Hell? How can you not know Jake Roberts? My 16 year old knows who Jake Roberts. Like you TRULY am a Mark.

  • Eddie Edwards

    I think Punk was just joking when he said that to Jake

    • Tammy Adams

      I agree, I think Punk was half-heartdly warning Jake but you could clearly see he was like a little boy grining from ear-to-ear

  • Sam A. Melara

    the only thing that woulda made it even better would have been if CM Punk took Ambrose off his shoulders and gave him to Jake for a DDT.