Jake "The Snake" Roberts Starts Fundraiser To Raise Money For Shoulder Surgery

Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who has been living and training with Diamond Dallas Page, recently created an IndieGogo page to raise money for a shoulder surgery. According to the report, Roberts has lost 60 pounds and been sober for over 75 days, the longest stretch in over a decade, but his shoulder is getting in the way of his exercise regimen.

Rewards for donating range include a signed photograph, a personal phone call, and an "accountability crib" experience with Roberts and DDP.

Click here for more information.

  • Surely DDP has millions at this point? He was WCW champion when WCW were paying silly money.

    • The money can go faster than one would think. Its not likely he’s been making comparable money since then. Makes me wonder how Ultimate Warrior gets by these days, the guy doesn’t strike me as a financial genius.

  • Wow Jake is really looking good. Good on him

  • Joey

    60 Pounds! Good for him! Inspirational!

  • Darko Maric

    There is something really sympathetic about Jake Roberts, the way he looks. He looks like a man that has been hurt, but also looks like a good guy. I kind of feel sad for him when I read he has to raise money for his operation.

  • Nostaljack

    He’s already got almost twice as much as he asked for. Kind of reaffirms one’s faith in the goodness of humanity, doesn’t it?

  • Kid

    Is DDP the Jesus or what. This guy turns everything he touches gold !

  • Chris

    He’s creating his own “Legends House,” WWE may want to work something with Page for their network.