James Storm Said It Was A Dark Day For TNA When Styles Left, Working With Hairline Fracture, New TNA Videos

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- James Storm told Ring Rust Radio it was a dark day for TNA Wrestling when AJ Styles left because Styles helped build the company. Storm said he doesn't know the situation with contracts and stuff but when someone thinks of TNA, they think of AJ Styles. Storm said hopes they can reach a new agreement for Styles to return.

In the same interview, Storm said he's been working for the past 3-4 weeks with a hairline fracture in his ankle.

- TNA Wrestling has posted the opening video of the Genesis themed episode of Impact at this link. You can also watch it embedded in video below:

- TNA posted a few #Impact365 videos, questioning what is in store for Magnus, Robbie E and Bobby Roode at Genesis. You can watch them at this link.

  • thepowerserge

    I seriously doubt they’ll be able to reach an agreement for Styles to return if Dixie is still in the role of overworking and underpaying talent. Asking a guy who built “your” company to take a pay cut is just plain idiotic.

  • jdl

    Dark day for AJ Styles, too. Guy should have just taken the deal, unless a new promotion pops up or he works his ass off at every possible indie event there is no way he’ll make what TNA was offering.

    • Nostaljack

      Not even. Styles was totally best served by jumping off the Titanic when he had the chance. There’s no way he won’t make more money on the indies. Heck, he could just go to Japan and do quite well. Had he jumped from WWE, I’d agree with you. Someone needed to make a statement that the “TNA Lowball” isn’t right and maybe Dixie will think twice before trying it again.

  • _JIM_

    Storm is right on that one. I couldn’t believe that they let AJ go. I understand having to cut back on expenses, but there is such a thing as loyalty when it comes to employees that have meant as much to a company as AJ has meant to TNA throughout the years. Even though they did make him look like he’s unbeatable on his way out by having it take 10 guys to beat him for his title. While making their champion look extremely weak at the same time…lol. Classic TNA booking. They need to start using the George Costanza line of thinking, and start doing the exact opposite of what their minds tell them to do. Then maybe things will start going better for them and make more sense.