Jarrett's Influence, TNA's Future, Devon Back To WWE?, New Age Outlaws, Adam Rose's Upcoming Debut

Why is it that Jeff Jarrett has so much influence in the wrestling community?

Pro wrestling is in Jeff Jarrett's blood. His father, Jerry, promoted shows for 50 years and one could say he's a chip off the old block. Jeff has been around the business his entire life and has forged many relationships that have allowed him to be successful. His ability to attract talent and investors to the business has been unlike very few and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to see what he can accomplish with Global Force Wrestling. However, I will caution that it's imperative Jeff look to create an alternative rather than trying to become WWE-light. As we discussed earlier in the week, TNA stopped growing their audience when they lost their core focus and attempted to recreate what was already being done in WWE. What made TNA different? High quality wrestling matches, the X Division, an impressive Knockouts division and subtle things such as alternative entrances for babyfaces and heels and the 6-sided ring. GFW must look to find their own subtleties that will cause people to take notice. The market is there as long as there is a realization that they are not going to compete with WWE anytime soon.

As for TNA Wrestling, I am very worried about the promotion's future. We haven't talked a lot about it but they're TV deal with Spike TV is coming up in October and their largest shareholder is Jeff Jarrett. What does it say to people after TNA has let all of their top talent go and their largest shareholder is starting another company?

Earlier this week, I read a feature dot com did on D-Von Dudley. Is this an indication he's returning to the company?

Anything is possible but I do not see WWE bringing Devon back at 41 (going on 42) for a main roster spot. I heard at one point there was talk of hiring him down at WWE NXT and perhaps that's still a possibility. One of the main things that has kept The Dudley Boyz out of WWE is issues between Triple H and Bully Ray. Bully, even at 42 (going on 43), is one guy I would like to see get "one last run" in singles in WWE. I don't think it's likely but it'd be great.

Where are the New Age Outlaws? We haven't seen them since Wrestlemania 30.

The New Age Outlaws wrapped up their return to the main roster at Wrestlemania 30. Both Billy Gunn and Road Dogg work backstage as producers and continue to fulfill those roles. Their job when they came back was to help the tag team division and they did an admirable job. While their run went longer than first intended, I do not believe there were ever plans for them to return as permanent additions to the main roster.

Adam Rose started as Leo Kruger. Right as it was catching on at NXT, he was changed to Adam Rose. The Adam Rose character caught on quick down there but I'm willing to bet with him being called to the main roster, in no more than two years, he will be repackaged as Leo Kruger. I'm taking bets rights now, what's your take?

I essentially had this same question in a recent installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag. WWE officials fell in love with the Adam Rose character based on the way it was received in NXT and have hot-shotted it to the main roster. The gimmick has found its critics as one observer told me it could be doomed from the get-go. This person pointed towards the concern of it being too similar to 3MB and in need to a "tall tale" to make it work. I'm willing to give it a chance as it is premature to judge something before it debuts.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: Did Edge and WWE come to terms on a new contract? - For those that missed it over the weekend, Edge is letting his WWE contract expire and his deal is complete after today. From what I understand they couldn’t agree on financial terms and Edge wanted to explore life outside of WWE. The departure wasn’t nasty and no bridges were burned so it’s likely the two parties could work together again in the future.

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  • I’m with the reader concerning Jeff Jarrett. What has he done that’s been so amazing that gives him influence. He started TNA with his dad but it wasn’t terribly successful and it never will be. Why Toby Keith would be willing to invest in him after the lack of success in TNA is a real mystery to me. Richard says it lost its core audience but its audience was never that large (relatively speaking) to begin with. Prior to TNA, Jarrett was a career mid-card guy. He’s never main evented (that I can recall). I’m not a hater; I just don’t get it.

    • Mysterion

      I understand you denouncing TNA main event as nothing, I agree. But he was a four time world champion in WCW. Can hardly call that a plastic main event. The company may have been run like a crappy carnival but it drew very good numbers for the majority of it’s run in the 90s. And Jarrett reigned all four times in the 90s, I believe.

      • Yep. Kavon corrected me. I’ll take that. I still say, given that I needed reminding, those runs weren’t that memorable.

    • kavon

      He main evented in wcw in 2000 like on ppv spring stampede,slamboree,great american bash and bash at the beach.

      • I forgot about that to be honest. I’ll take that on the chin. Thanks for the correction.

        • kavon

          U welcome

      • Robert Olley

        But that was when wcw had no other major talents and needed someone fresh. Plus one of them was the triple cage match which was the worst match ive ever seen

  • BIG M

    I hope Jarrett doesn’t bring back the six sided ring in GFW.
    If he does I really hope he at least takes a page out of the Tripe A promotions book and still use the traditional 4 sided ring for at least half their shows.

  • Ken

    The Adam Rose gimmick is just another example of of a gimmick I can’t get behind. I just can’t see the appeal of it like I couldn’t see the appeal of Los Matadors when they came out. I suppose I’m of the mindset that a performer’s gimmick works best if it’s an extension of that performers real life persona. There are the exceptions like the Wyatt Family, but reality-based personas work best in my opinion.

  • John

    I have no idea how Adam Rose will do on the main roster.. However anyone who says they should’ve kept the Leo Kruger gimmick, i question if you actually watched NXT when he was around! Kruger was as generic a character as you could expect to see in wrestling. He would’ve went absolutely nowhere on the main roster!

    • David F

      The gimmick sounds like mid card comedy act to replace Santino since he is not working as much and will probably wind down his career soon since he has his own projects.

      This is not bad spot for him if he is able to replace Santino on the card. But I dont think its serious enough for main event

  • Robert Olley

    Thanks for answering my jeff Jarrett question richard ive been curious about it for years nice to have some clarity