Jay Briscoe/Controversial Tweets Update

ROH Wrestling sent out the following in regards to Jay Briscoe's controversial Tweets:

Jay Briscoe would like to again express his sincerest apologies and regrets to all, especially his young fans, for his recent hateful twitter comment. Ring of Honor has insisted that Jay also make a public apology at the Ring of Honor event this Saturday night. Jay will address the public during the event.

In addition to this apology, Ring of Honor and Jay have agreed that he will donate his full pay from the next two Ring of Honor events to the Partners Against Hate charitable organization. Partners Against Hate was created to help prevent, deter, and reduce juvenile hate-related behavior.

For more information on PAH, visit http://www.partnersagainsthate.org.

  • LeftyTosser

    I’m betting that Jay isn’t donating a thing. ROH may give a check to somebody, but I’m thinking that Mr. Briscoe won’t be contributing! The entire things sounds like another opportunity taken by liberals to stomp on someone’s right to free speech. Whether I agree with him, his views or his comment is irrelevant, the man has a right to speak his opinion in this country. I wonder how long it will take this to come back and bite ROH in the butt. I’m thinking it will be an issue when his next contract comes up for discussion.

    • RJR

      Please don’t try and turn this in to something political. This isn’t political, it’s just about human decency.

      he had said something to the effect of “School desegregation? Try and
      teach my kids that there’s nothing wrong with that and I’ll f**ing shoot
      you” or “Women are equal to men? Try and teach my kids that there’s
      nothing wrong with that and I’ll f**ing shoot you”… there’d be just as
      much backlash.

      Freedom of speech has nothing to do with this.
      Yeah, he’s TOTALLY free to say whatever he wants. No one is denying
      that. However, he also gets to suffer the consequences of backlash when
      he says something offensive. Freedom of speech doesn’t shield you from
      other people expressing THEIR opinions right back at you.

    • BlazeKing

      All you wannabe political analysts are just hipsters riding the troll bandwagon. All yo do is blame everything on liberals when every sane minded person knows both sides are equally as bad as the other. Take your non-understanding of politics elsewhere and leave it far away from a professional wrestling site.

  • Rich

    There’s nothing wrong with saying you don’t agree with something. But he took it to an extreme and way too far with a death threat. That’s what has people so upset by what he said.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t be allowed to say they don’t agree with it or understand it or something like that. Like with what Mike Wallace said before after Jason Collins came out. He got backlash for something that wasn’t even offensive. There has to be a certain line with this sort of thing.

    • RJR

      What you’re missing is that saying you “don’t agree” with this does nothing but support the theory that there’s even something to agree with in the first place.

      Homosexuality is genetic. There’s no debating this, no matter what bigoted homophobic people will try and tell you. All people who actually live being gay will tell you that it’s not something you choose to be. It’s part of who you are just like being a man or woman is part of being who you are. It’s part of who you are just like being a specific ethnicity is part of being who you are.

      And thus, if you “disagree” with the gay choice, it’d be as stupid of a statement as going up to a black person and telling them that you don’t agree with their choice of being black. Do you see what a stupid statement that would be?

      And so yes, though he has the right to any stupid, bigoted comments he’d like to make… this is most definitely something wrong with voicing this particular opinion, because he’s a public figure and his opinion molds other people’s opinions whether he likes it or not, and it’s only breeding more hatred and contempt for a group of people who have no control over who they are. There’s no positive message here and it’s disgraceful.

  • Smart Mark

    Being gay myself I must say that stuff like this really pisses me off