Jay Briscoe/ROH Wrestling Update

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Ring of Honor posted a video update with comments from Jay Briscoe:

Please be aware this video contains explicit language and is not work appropriate. Get those earbuds in!

If you are unable to view the video above, you can also watch it at this link.

  • Batman

    “here’s a video link” is not news reporting. Where’s the journalism explaining what it says? You say it’s NSFW, so some of us won’t be able to check that video. Why not summarise it?

  • dunlap84

    I love The Briscoes, but truthfully they’re characters do not fit anywhere other than ROH, they are loud, crazy, and raw and WWE just will not allow them to be them. I picture them getting a push and then being relegated to Bushwhackers status, if they were to sign tho. TNA just doesn’t seem like an option to me, like everyone else they’d get lost in the shuffle.

  • BIG M

    Is this whole thing a work i mean everybody is saying its legit that the Briscoes are leaving but I just can’t see it I mean think about it who is more ROH and proud than JAY and MARK.
    Pretty sure WWE wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole TNA might try them but soon push them so far down their lacklustre card they will be quickly forgotten.
    only option i can see is Japan or Mexico.
    Cant see NEW JAPAN or ALL JAPAN wanting their services PW NOAH would hire them but since NOAH currently has one foot in the grave right now it might not be a smart choice to go their.
    CMLL are way to old school to even look at them TRIPLE A would take them with open arms But Ive heard the Pena’s are bloody hard people to work for.
    I seriously think the best choice for them is ROH so it begs the Question,
    Are they really leaving.
    My guess is they would be pretty dumb to leave and since their Dumb rednecks in wrestling and real life they are most likely leaving but I’m sure they will be back after a couple of years.

  • Robert Olley

    Shoulder looks nasty but they aint going anyway i think its rohs next big storyline first it was the age of the fall then kevin steen now the briscoes. After sone of the comments jay has made about homosexuals i doubt wwe would ever want to be associated with them.

  • BlazeKing

    I knew this whole Briscoes going to the WWE thing was false from the start. Has nobody seen the video they did about 2 years ago where they were told by Johnny Ace that they weren’t “cosmetically pleasing” enough for WWE?!?!