Jay Lethal Says More People Know Him From Family Feud Than TNA; Jeff Jarrett Responds

Jay Lethal wrote the following on Twitter:

Today just Proved that more people recognize me from family feud, than my 6+ year run in TNA.

Jeff Jarrett called the statement "moronic" as TNA employee Bob Ryder reminded Lethal it was a TNA-themed week of Family Feud.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Here I thought Family Feud is so much more well known than TNA, with the immense amount of time an history in that show, and the popularity. So much so, that someone like Jay Lethal would gain that recognition he mention.

    I don't even know who the heck Bob Ryder is.

    • christopher525

      Ryder is a former dirt sheet writer who's now employed by TNA. Nowhere near as cool as his WWE counterpart, Zack. Woo Woo Woo….

  • Jim

    Just because it was a TNA event doesn’t mean anybody who watched it remembers that. Lethal is just making a point that I totally agree with, and that is that TNA doesn’t brand their stars like WWE does. Nor do they advertise for their company correctly.

    • Alex

      You absolutely right, Jim. I've even heard that when they go out to unwind and relax that Al Snow & D-Lo Brown gets more recognition (even though they haven't been at WWF/E in years) than the current stars of TNA wrestling does.

  • gbdb

    they were still watching family feud not tna

  • Is he really that dumb? People who watch family feud that is a daily show that’s family friendly. They don’t care what theme that it is they will recognize the person. Same as an actor being spotted on family died who cares I’d you never saw their blockbuster you saw em on feud. They’re just mad that to not Wrestling fan that statement is glaringly brilliant and spot on.

    • Justin

      What are you talking about.

  • Whammaster

    huh, i do remember him from Family fued, but what is this TNA they are speaking of?

    • Blazeking

      Total Nonstop Advertisements?

      • Alex

        Total Nonstop Advertisements (but not advertisements for TNA itself) lol

  • Lee McAndrew

    The only thing that was moronic was TNA releasing Jay Lethal in the first place.

  • jdl

    Leave it to Jarret and company to counter with "Well it was a TNA Family Feud!", which is entirely beside the point. People aren't recognizing him because it was a TNA episode, they're recognizing him because it was Family Feud. TNA has nothing to do with the recognition aside from them being his employer.

  • HPK

    Another blunder in wrestling world !!!

  • Ellen

    Remember JJ it takes one to know one!

  • @RatedMKD

    I'll quote Jarrett's tweet here to describe the whole "well it was a TNA-themed show" logic:

    "Moronic would be an understatement".

  • stoney

    I still remember last year Lethal was being pushed to the moon in a feud with Flair, then afterwards he's jobbing to Jeff Hardy, Mr. ANderson and worst of all Robbie E

  • Alex

    There was a TNA theme family feud? I never knew that. To be honest he probably would get noticed more for the FF more so then TNA. I heard that Al Snow gets more recognition from his time in WWF than any of the guys that's been on TNA in recent years when they show up somewhere. So I believe Jay.

  • DelawareBeachBoy

    "Family Feud" is not as family friendly as it once was…. recently they beeped something Steve Harvey said

  • Kevin

    The fact that a top-notch performer such as Jay Lethal is no longer on TNA is proof positive that Eric Bischoff is a complete idiot. He wouldn't know good talent if it slapped him in the face — and it has numerous times in his career. If TNA would ditch Bischoff and get someone who actually knows what they're doing they could really give WWE a run for its money. I miss the old days of the WWF/WCW feuds. Bischoff ruined WCW, and he's well on his way to ruining TNA. I'm begging you, Dixie, please kick Bischoff to the curb. Literally would be awesome, but symbolically will do.

  • Danno

    So Lethal was insulted by stupid Jeff Jarrett. Lethal will be better off in the long run for not having to wear that TNA label.