JBL Commentary Update; Sin Cara Joins Twitter

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-John Bradshaw Layfield has indicated via his Facebook page that he will remain on commentary this week for both Raw & Smackdown.

-WWE has announced that Sin Cara has opened a Twitter account, @TheSinCaraWWE. A Tout was put out to announce it, which is embedded below:

  • Streamroller

    Enthralling tout by Sin Cara. It's promo skills like those that will make him the next Rey Mysterio…

    • Lin

      he would, if he knew any English

  • Lenny

    i can already picture his tweets @SinCaraWWE – ………………………………

  • Frendo

    Sin Cara : * Points Finger *

  • Kyle

    I wonder if he will botch his tweets as much as he botches in the ring!!

  • Andrew

    Sin Cara is boring in the ring

    • Lahey

      You must be a John Cena fan…

  • I never realized how much I missed JBL on commentary until now.