JBL Comments On Inducting Ron Simmons Into WWE Hall Of Fame; Steve Austin & CM Punk Continue To Tease Wrestlemania Dream Match

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- JBL wrote the following on his Facebook page in regards to inducting Rob Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend:

There's only two problems with me inducting Ron into HOF this weekend in Miami. Do you really think Miami is read for an APA reunion and I better have an hour to tell all the stories I want to tell about our travels!! Seriously, one of greatest honors of my life-can't wait to induct my best friend!

Steve Austin and WWE Champion CM Punk are once again teasing a Wrestlemania XXIX match for next year in New Jersey on their Twitter accounts. As of right now it's nothing more than hype but there is one dream match WWE already has in the works. For exclusive details, click here.

  • Michael

    I bet JBL does have some great stories.

  • nWo 4 Life

    Wrestlemania 29:
    Cm punk vs steve austin
    Sting vs undertaker
    nWo (john cena,sheamus,w.barrett with kevin nash) vs wwe (rock,lesnar,jericho with triple h)
    Christian vs orton
    Aj styles vs daniel bryan
    Miz n jomo vs hardy boyz
    Elimination chamber: kane vs bigshow vs adr vs r-truth vs cody rhodes vs zack ryder


    • Fonz

      That sounds like something in wwe’12 lmaoo

    • the arbiter

      Matt Hardy? Hahahahahaha


    This is the stupidest line up I’ve ever heard of. Sting lesnar hardy boys AJ styles u have to be smoking crack or ur a complete retard that’s not happening next year or ever for that case u reject or a high hoper

  • Jeremy

    It would be cool to see JBL there in his old APA character, Bradshaw and not his recent JBL character.

  • ron

    – wrestlemania 29 -_
    _Alberto Del Rio vs JBL__
    vince mcmahon vs daniel bryan__
    mick foley vs undertaker__
    Brock Lesnar vs hulk holgen__
    codey rohdes vs cm punk__
    drew mcintyre vs jerry lawler__
    john cana vs The Miz

    • ron

      Alberto Del Rio vs JBL

      jerry lawler vs drew mcintyre

      daniel bryan vs vince mcmahon