JBL Discusses A Possible Return To WWE Or A Stint With Impact Wrestling

John Layfield killed any rumors of him returning to WWE or appearing in TNA any time soon on a blog post on his official website. Some excerpts are posted below:

“The question is whether I will return to WWE television. NO. The answer is NO. I have no plans, I have no contact with WWE. No one has mentioned this, no one has brought it up. Will that NO change to a YES. I don’t know. I love performing. I am actually healthy right now, I have lost a ton of weight getting ready for NYC marathon and am in the best shape of my life. But would I risk that to return, no I would not. However, is there a hybrid that I would be interested in-I never rule out anything.”

“I am on great terms with WWE, I talk to them often-about many other things. It has never been brought up me returning. My best friend Bruce Pritchard is head of talent relations for TNA-I love him, I love many of the folks there and the talent. I have no plans of going there.” Click here to read the full article.

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