JBL Explains Why WWE Raw Will Remain Three Hours Long

JBL addressed why WWE Raw should remain three hours on the debut of ‘Bring It To The Table’ on the WWE Network.

JBL’s first argument is the new cruiserweight division covers the entire hour itself.

His second argument is that existing TV agreements in WWE’s three major markets - US, UK and India - run until 2019.

WWE makes $173 million off TV revenue during that time, by far more than anything else on the balance sheet. Other revenue drivers are the Network ($137 million) and live events ($106 million) the rest under $50 million each. Removing one hour would be a huge revenue hit that provides tremendous leeway on their balance sheet. JBL doesn’t understand why people want to take Raw from three hours to two hours.

You can watch a snippet of his comments below:

While three hours of Raw is great financially for the company, which is the reason it’s been in existence since 2012, it doesn’t change the fact that it causes viewer fatigue and is hard to sit through week in and week out.


  • “BIG M” Adams.

    The whole show seemed to revolve around JBL and Heyman trying to shut down any and all criticism of the WWE product from fans!
    I really disliked it quite frankly!
    It felt like a half hour of WWE telling their audience “Shut up and do as your told”.

    • Brendan Wahl

      Or a half hour of “this is how the business actually works, marks.”

      • “BIG M” Adams.

        I’m sure that’s how it feels from their perspective (which is NOT the only perspective that matters)
        But it’s still never a good idea to talk down to your audience like that.
        A loyal audience who puts up with a lot of crap in WWE programming!

        • Brendan Wahl

          Well, I would trust their opinion more than Pete Rosenberg. Just sayin’

      • BlazeKing

        A lot of their points were easily dubunked, though. Raw’s ratings are tanking while Smackdown’s rises. People that don’t like to watch sports won’t put up with 3 hours every week on tv. 3 hour wrestling shows should *only* be PPVs or PPV-quality shows. 1 is the bare minimum for a weekly show while 2 is for established promotions with decent capital.

        • Brendan Wahl

          If I was losing that much money simply by making a show 2 hours, I would not give it up either.

  • Zack

    If you think the cruiserweights take up a whole hour it might John O’Clock!

    • BlazeKing

      This dude was a regular on Fox Business channel, too…