JBL & Jeff Jarrett Comment On Monday Night Raw Mention

For those that noticed JBL's shout out to Jeff Jarrett during Dolph Ziggler's match against Damien Sandow on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, it was intentional and done out of respect. The following is from JBL's Twitter:

Here's what Jarrett wrote about it:

  • Jesse Sherwood

    JJ has always been one of the classier guys I met growing up. I’d love to get to see him in the ring one more time live.

    • I’ve met and interviewed him. I agree in both regards.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        I had the pleasure of meeting both him and Jerry Jarrett many times as a kid, thanks to growing up in NE Arkansas. USWA wrestling was a Saturday morning and. if you could go, Monday night way of life for us. I met so many people that are huge names now thanks to the territory days, such as Taker as “The Master of Pain”, Kane as “Doomsday”, Dutch Mantell, Jerry Lawler, Sting and Ultimate Warrior as the Freedom Fighters, and many more. There are many things that can be said about the nationalization of the sport of pro wrestling, but the one thing that has hurt us all is the lack of territories.

    • opie

      Agreed. I met him at several USWA shows as a kid. Really good to his fans.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        We traveled the same circuit then Opie! CWA/USWA is easily some of my best wrestling memories growing up.

  • gkatz

    ziggler/jarret WM …heard it hear first lol

  • RMPunx

    Uhh Classy? He stole another mans wife… Screw the wrestling stuff .. He’s a scumbag

  • RMPunx

    Uhh Classy? He stole another mans wife… Screw the wrestling stuff .. He’s a scumbag

    • PD

      I think that hardly matters if it was after the divorce. Besides, Angle obviously didn’t mind too much if he worked a lengthy feud with JJ based on their relationship and even involving their kids.

  • smark calloway

    ” jeff jarrett ( thats J-e double f.ha-ha . j-a double r-e double t ha-ha ) has gone through a thousand guitars and never drew a dime ” – mike graham

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I was surprised that neither Jeff Jarrett nor Mickey James showed up on RAW. Since it was coming from Nashville, I rather expected to see one or both.