JBL Names The Greatest Heel Of All Time; Download This Year's WWE Night Of Champions Poster

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In his latest "Wrestling God Recap," John Layfield called Gorgeous George "arguably the greatest heel of all time, if not probably the greatest character in pro wrestling." The video is embedded below:

- WWE has released the official WWE Night of Champions poster, featuring John Cena. Click here to view the poster and PDF. (Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

  • stoney

    there are so many great heels: Macho Man, Ric Flair, Triple H, Hollywood Hogan, JBL was a great heel, Edge, Jericho after he dropped his ayatollah of rock n roll gimmick and became a suit wearing jerk (he's good either way), Mr. McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Muhammad Hassan (WWE really dropped the ball with him), and the monster heel to end all monster heels Big Van Vader

    • Moe

      I really agree with Muhammed Hassan, I wonder why he was let go again.

      • Brandon Ceielo

        From what I heard a while back, he just used wrestling as a way to get into acting. His character was awesome though.

    • tweakthedead712

      You need to realize how much these guys had the way paved by GG for these wrestlers to get where they’re are Nd whereof it wasn’t for GG, I have to agree with JBL on this one for all time

  • Frenchfry

    Vince himself has to be in the top 3!

  • Jamie

    When I saw best heel of all time, I just thought of the McMahon Family and Hunter.

  • cush

    I think when Sergeant Slaughter heel turn was the greatest of all time. He got a lot of death threats from fools who took it seriously.

  • Bogusstang

    Hands down the original Shiek

  • Greatest heel of all time in my estimation would probably be Mr McMahon during the time he caused the Montreal Screwjob and his rivalry with Stone Cold that followed – it brought the viewership back and nothing worked better for the business than that.

    Greatest, most innovative/ evolving/ varying and best-executed character/ gimmick of all time would definitely be Undertaker, that is not even an opinion, its a fact.