Is JBL One Of The Reasons For Mauro Ranallo's Absence?

Fans have been able to spot the problems and tension from day one. Mauro Ranallo and JBL don't seem to get along at all and this was only furthered by the Texan's appearance on Bring it to the Table where he ranted at length about Ranallo winning "Best Announcer" at the WON Awards and criticized him for his pop culture references. JBL even took to Twitter to lash out at Ranallo for missing Smackdown (as did TNA commentator Josh Mathews and Taz), which brought about much criticism from Ranallo's former broadcast colleague and podcast co-host, Bas Rutten.

For those of you wondering about this situation, it does indeed seem like JBL's comments put a great deal of stress on Mauro and may have been one of the factors regarding his recent absence and mental health issues. Mauro is thought of as pretty high in the company along with Corey Graves, who we can't see being let go anytime soon. In other words, if it came down between Mauro and JBL, it would likely be the latter that got the shaft.


  • Legen Dary

    I couldn’t see JBL getting cut since I thought he was friends with Vince.

  • Vomkrieg

    JBL really does have a track record and reputation of being one of the great bullies of the locker room. So i would not surprised if he was giving Mauro a lot of grief if he decided he knew what was “best for business”.

    Ask the Blue Meanie what JBL is like to work with.

  • S.A.M.

    pretty safe to safe JBL wont get let go cause of his relationship with VKM. JBL should know better though cause of Mauro’s constant battle with depression that his comments could affect him greatly. Hope Mauro isnt let go and rather WWE is willing to work with him cause depression is such a serious thing for one to live with.

  • Dave Barton

    JBL has been in WWE for 20 years. Mauro just got there.

    However, VKM has been known to push a long-time announcer out from behind the announce desk without warning in the past, just to make room for who he thinks is the future voice of a show…ask Ross & Lawler about that.

    Personally, I don’t think JBL means to be a prick. I think he just comes from that “toughen up & grow a thick skin if you’re gonna be in this business” mentality that used to exist in wrestling, and it’s hard for him to wrap his head around anyone wanting anything different because it’s how HE prefers it.

    • JeanVice

      This. I think that’s exactly why JBL is the way he is. He comes from a different time and upbringing.

  • David F

    Mauro and Graves should run RAW after Wrestlemania with D Bryan and Renee on Smackdown. Bryan and Renee have great chemistry together and would potentially be an awesome announce team

  • Sgsfdgs

    I doubt JBL would be let go. But the guy is known for being a major bully and it sucks that Mauro has to put up with that bullshit.

  • Boogermeister

    If I had to pick which one to keep, I’d keep JBL. Amusing dude. I have nothing against Mauro, he’s an ‘ok’ announcer, but he messed up Curt Hawkins name on multiple occasions (JBL corrected him BTW), referring to him as Chad Hawkins. Not that Curt Hawkins is really worth remembering or anything.

  • AB

    JBL is a known bully, and as such, ranks as a fairly lousy human being in my book. His announcing is absolutely dreadful, and has been for years. But hey, he’s got his nose firmly implanted in Vince’s posterior, so he’ll stay, Mauro will be let go, and WWE’s announcing will continue to be the worst it’s been in memory.