JBL Reviews SummerSlam & Says He Isn't Sold On The Tag Team Division; Watch The WWE '13 Roster Reveal Here

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-John "Bradshaw" Layfield posted the following review of WWE SummerSlam, courtesy of his official YouTube channel:

-Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent in the following video of the official WWE '13 Roster Reveal:

  • AnacondaVise

    WWE has a Tag Team Div?

  • chelu671

    It is somewhat strange watching John Bradshaw Layfield doing his own internet recap show, outside the JBL character. Here you can tell he is a huge wrestling fan at heart, even though he's living the life on Wall Street. I got to get used to this side…

    As for the WWE13 Roster Reveal, I'm glad that some of the lowercard wrestlers made the cut. I am still disappointed that Ezekiel Jackson,Tyson Kidd,Toshi tatsu, The Usos, Hawkins/Reks, and Layla got snubbed out of the initial roster. At least we got the "One Man Band" Heath Slater in all his glory, baby!

  • andrew schmidt

    Will the kimura lock be in it??? I hope so it would be awesome

  • TheAwesome1

    cmon JBL. Just admit that SS was a piss poor ppv.

  • Jane McIlysh

    No Drew McIntyre? THIS games is gonna SUCK BALLS!