Jealousy Backstage In WWE, John Cena At Daytona, Future Of WWE Studios, Limiting Risks In WWE, Brodus Clay Update

How deep does jealousy run within the WWE locker room?

There is jealousy amongst workers backstage in WWE and it's more prevalent in this business than others because while the outcomes are predetermined, the pay structure depends on a worker's status in the company. WWE is like any other workplace in that some people are friends and some people aren't. To give you an example of what one might term "jealousy" we can look at The Rock. The Rock returns to WWE for a main event program with John Cena for Wrestlemania. While this sparks interest amongst fans, it starts gossip in the locker room. There are those glad to see Rock back and will try and learn as much from him as possible and there are others that resent him for returning and see him more of a threat. There was a situation recently where a worker sent out an anonymous text message to a website, burying The Rock for his involvement in the upcoming pay-per-view.

Will John Cena still wave the wave the honorary green flag for the Daytona 500 today considering the race start was delayed? Also, what's the future of WWE Studios given the earnings miss WWE reported last week?

It has been confirmed this morning that John Cena will still kickoff the Daytona 500 today and he will fly directly to Portland for tonight’s Raw Supershow when he is finished. As for the future of WWE Studios, Vince McMahon plans to go forward with the division under new leadership with the new direction. He seemed confident the new strategy would work but reminded investors if it doesn't, they would pull the plug on WWE Studios.  Update regarding Cena/Daytona - Cena will be unable to wave the honorary green flag due to the race now starting at 7 PM EST.  Click here for the updated story.

Why does WWE allow suicide dives and other aerial moves on the ring announcer side? I feel it's too dangerous and Wade Barrett's injury could have been avoided if it were on the ramp side. Your thoughts?

Vince McMahon will usually not allow his workers to take unnecessary risks and I have to think they'll speak to workers about what happened in last Monday's battle royal that injured Wade Barrett and could have also injured R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler. While the risk of injury can never be completely eliminated, the percentage can be lowered. What you suggested is feasible and probably something company officials are aware of given the injury last week.

Why has Brodus Clay been bumped from television? Has the 'Funkasauras' gimmick ended already?

I ran an exclusive article on WNW Premium last week about why Brodus Clay was scrapped from WWE television at this link. If you are not a Premium Member, I highly recommend you get a day pass today and checkout the article, as it's important to understand the handling of Clay. As for his future in the company, he was on this weekend's Raw live events and told a WNW reader last week he would be back to television in two weeks.

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  • Maze

    Wow if you take away suicide dives and high risk moves, then whats left? That would be stupid that was just an accident what happened to Wade and could of happened in any type of match.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I thought this was what this question was asking the first time I read it, however, the reader is questioning the location of this maneuvers and not completely eliminating them.

      • Maze

        I see thanks for clearing that up Richard

      • Eloy

        Injuries are going to happen in the WWE. Wade, as bad as I feel for him, was at the wrong place at the wrong time!

      • Mike

        Same. I wrote a long comment of my own before I realised.
        Working over or through the ropes towards the announcer's table doesn't allow for a lot of room for error. I'm normally one to comment against reducing risk, but in this case I have to agree, with the proviso that any restriction to working around the announcers' table would take a common sense approach. There are certain moves where it's appropriate, f.ex. the Pedigree/Rock Bottom/Stunner/Tombstone/Powerbomb/Shane-O Mac style big elbow off the top through the announcers' table.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Let’s take away chair shots, let’s ban suicide dives, piledrivers, let’s ban wrestling altogether if we want to reduce risk. C’mon, there are supposed to be risks in wrestling. That’s part of what makes it fun to watch.

      • H.M.

        Did you not read Richards reply….or the question itself….properly?

        • Dangerous Lee

          My point was the more risk is reduced, the less exciting it is to watch. Imagine if only certain moves were done in certain areas. It would become predictable and boring.

  • CLA

    wonder which worker sent the text?

    • Mike

      That's what I want to know too. Richard? Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

      Chances are whoever it was had the smarts to not use any phone traceable to him. At least I'm hoping they didn't, else they deserve to be discovered and fired just for being hogturd dumb.

      The Rock's involvement draws interest, and increases buyrate and revenue, which only serves to benefit everyone on the card. The only reason to complain about the Rock's involvement would be one born of ego, perhaps about not being as high up on the card as one might want to be, or not on it at all and blaming the Rock for that.
      I'm actually legitimately thinking The Miz, perhaps a little bitter about the fallout from Wade's injury.
      I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who might have reason to legitimately complain about the Rock coming in and getting the main event spot, if indeed it's not a work, which it might well be.
      I suppose someone like Swagger or Ziggler could be annoyed in principle, but they wouldn't have been in the top of the card anyway at this point in their careers.

      It's probably one of those things in the world of Sprots Entertainment that we'll never know the answer to, along with the identity of the anonymous Raw GM.

      I'd think the Miz then too.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Why would miz be jealous? He got to work with the great one at wm and survivor series. I would think he’d be honored by his return.

  • William

    Somebody call Clay's Mama! hes gonna be on TV again!

    • Chopper

      Cant wait i love the funkasaurus i know he cant wrestle but msn he is entertaining. Sumbody call my mama!

  • Maze

    I also never realized why they do those moves near or in front of the announce tables. I would always to my high risk moves in the entrance way.

  • Bruce

    Sorry to say but Brodus is so lame-somebody call ur momma-picks a guy up and falls on him 1 2 3 end of story-bout time for some real compitition-Jack swagger-dolph ziggler-Eve oops im sorry-maybe even Kane!!

    • Mike

      I didn't like the Funkasaurus gimmick at first, but I've come around. I do think he needs to show a lot more… something… in the ring. Technique? Variety? Finesse? Precision?
      Then again, they've been booking him in short squash matches, so he's not had a true chance to show what he can do. I do think he needs improvement though.
      But that's not a criticism against him so much as it is against the company. I don't think he was ready, and I don't think they thought he was ready, and if that was the case then they shouldn't have rushed him to TV and hyped him up only to pull him. It completely kills any momentum he might have had.
      (I know there's a reason behind Brodus' pull and return, and I know Richard's had a premium article addressing this, which I've not read due to being my unemployed and cost-cutting – I used to subscribe).

  • Glen

    The Rock has earned the right to be featured on anything! He made his wwe debut in 1996! During the time of his debut till the time
    He wrestled his last match as a part of the wwe roster, he accomplished everything there is to accomPlish! European titles, Intercontinental titles, tag team titles, WWE titles, he was even the WCW champion! He won the royal rumble match, he headlined Wrestlemania numerous times, he did it all! For some ppl it’s enough, they reached their goal! Then he had a new goal, concour Hollywood…and he did! Granted it took a while because at first he was just another wrestler being a mOvie star but now he’s a movie star that used to be a wrestler! The guy is legit, why can’t ppl accept it? There was a time he really turned his back on wrestling like he wouldn’t even mention that fact on talk shows anymore. At first I was pretty upset much like everybody else who loved The rock but as time went on I came to realize that it was necessary for him to do that in order for Hollywood to take him serious as an actor. I totally respect The Rock and admire him.

    Then there’s the question, why is he back? Some ppl say because of the money, others say because he wants to promote his movies to a wilder audience. First of all, The Rock is making millions of dollars making movies, he doesn’t need money from wrestling, I’m pretty sure that’s pocket change compared to what he’s making in Hollywood. Second, what’s wrong with promoting his movies? It’s a business ppl! What he’s doing will insure that he’ll have more money in his pocket! Cena said he came back last year to promote Fast 5…im pretty sure the movie wouldve done just as will as it dif if he didnt promote on a wrestling show because Fast 5 is a franchise and everybody knows about it!

    • Dan

      You truly know what you are talking about. I still think CM Punk could possibly have sent the text message. He mentioned is dislike of the The Rock being in the main event in his famous promo last summer.

      • PikaPal4ever

        Good comment glen, but I have to say one thing. The only reason anyone likes the rock as an actor is because he was a wrestler first. He is an absolute terrible actor and his movies are dumb for the most part other than maybe the rundown. If he went into the acting business first, he wouldn't be put on the high pedestal that he is on now. Wrestling made him popular, and that popularity carried over in hollywood.

  • John

    I find it interesting that alot of WWE workers are reportedly upset at The Rock coming in & taking the headline spot at WrestleMania.. Are these same workers also upset at The Undertaker coming back & taking another high-profile spot on the card when he hasn't appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania last year? Or what about Triple H who has appeared sporadically throughout the year yet is taking up another major spot on the WM card?

    • Maze

      There you workers of today have no respect for the people that paved the way for them. I work with Bullet Bob Armstrong on a lot of indy shows and I sit and pick his brain all the time and other guys that have been before me. These young WWE guys think just because they are in the WWE they are worth a crap. Im not the biggest or the best, but in my 13 years I have learned great ring psychology and how to work a crowd which is a lost art form. I wouldnt care if the Rock came into my promotion for the first time and took my spot, crap Id hand it to him…lol

    • Gage

      But the major difference between the Rock, HHH, and Undertaker is. Rock left…just straight up left. HHH runs the backstage scence, and Undertaker is injured. Taker is there year after year for the company, and HHH runs the show on a daily basis. Rock walked away to pursue the limelight in Hollywood. Massive respect is shown towards the ones who dont walk away, just know their bodies are nearing the end and want to heal up before coming back and making the WWE a huge payday. Rock is making his money on this too. Hogan vs Rock is different than Cena vs Rock because Hogan was still wrestling nightly in the WWE at that point. Rock left without doing that "torch passing" major event.

      • Maze

        Good Point

      • Brandon

        Then I guess The Rock vs Brock Lesnar never occurred. That was the "torch passing" that many people forget. The only reason it's irrelevant is because Brock became sick of the travel and left the business. The moment did happen though.

  • Ellen

    Either John Cena won't wave the flag at the start of the Daytona 500 race today, or his spot on tonight's Raw will be taped, Daytona doesn't start until 7:00 p.m. tonight, 2/27. He may be a man of his word, KUDOS TO HIM FOR BEING PROBABLY THE MOST HONEST PERSON IN ALL OF WWE, but unless he can get Scotty to beam him back and forth, it's probably a lost cause.

  • The Breaker

    I feel the comments in the anonymous text came off more as sour grapes. Guys like the Rock and Undertaker made themselves icons in the industry. No one should is entitled. Instead of whining about "losing a spot" behind the scenes, go make yourself noticed. To me, hiding behind those comments says that they'd rather stay unknown.

  • JakShowtime

    Should it be assumed that since the Daytona 500 now doesn't start until 7pm that Cena will not be waving the green flag…?

  • Clint

    Randy Orton sent the text, my opinion, Orton doesnt like the Rock

    • Brandon

      I was thinking the same thing. As much I like Randy he seems a bit envious of certain superstars. And by that I mean anyone with the ability to pull emotions from the crowd on the microphone. I'm a fan, but he's still terrible on the microphone.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    lol thank you mr richard for coerrecting my question 😀

  • robert

    The rock should stay gone, never cared about him didn't miss him hoping see guys like punk and daniel bryan take over, they don't main stream appeal but are better wrestlers, hhh don't like the rock either and unlike the rock people like hhh and undertaker are taking steps back for the next generation,,,, not because he makes crapp movies… i don't like cena or the rock but cena is there so have respect for that, who cares if he's done everything he could do it's not about him scavenging from the wrestling business it's about the so called peoples fans– the rock can stay gone and by the way if he test positive for steroids does he get suspended or does he get tested? no not serious question of course he's on seroids and of course he won't get tested.