Jeff Hardy Addresses Criticism That TNA Is For "Washed Up Former WWE Wrestlers"

Jeff Hardy recently took part in an interview with to promote the upcoming "Road To Lockdown" Tour. He discusses, among other things, his connection to the Michigan area, his longevity in the business despite his high-risk moveset, and TNA's future. In the following excerpt, he addresses some of TNA's critics:

What would you say to critics that claim TNA is where washed up former WWE (and WWF) wrestlers go to collect a paycheck?

You know, I’m not sure. We’re way different than WWE. We may never be as big as WWE, but the cool thing about TNA is that we are the alternative. So people who get tired and bored with the WWE - I’ve been there, I understand - there’s an alternative and something else to watch. For special wrestlers, there’s somewhere else to go - as long as you’re not brainwashed by that WWE mentality. There’s other worlds out there; it’s OK to switch around.

Click here to read the full interview.

  • monty

    instead of bring one of the top level wrestlers of all time you have wasted your career with your drugs. the run you and you bro had as a tag team seems like ages ago. wwe maybe not be perfect but its much much better than TNA. TNA is what wcw would have been if it had existed today. hogan and eric while both have done some great things in their careers they are now ruining another company

    • BlazeKing

      “instead of bring one of the top level wrestlers of all time you have wasted your career with your drugs.”

      Although watered down, he responded to a question like that in the full Q & A. In a way, you kind of understand what he wanted to say. He’s been wrestling and only wrestling for so long, he was literally burned out and resorting to drugs to keep him going. And *then* he ended up having his first child… Eventually, it all caught up to him and he crashed; effectively hitting rock bottom.

      Mind you, he’s been wrestling since he was about 14 years old. Rey has been wrestling for just as long and look at the shape his body is in now. Even RVD’s speed has decreased! As long as Jeff continues to learn how to deal with his shortcomings, he’ll be fine. I’m not going to hold his past against him if he’s actively trying to repair himself not just for the public, but for himself.

    • Guest

      i agree

      • Doug

        I agree but no one forces him to wrestle. No one forces him to do the things in the ring that he has done. So i dont care what excuse anyone offers up for him.

  • “For special wrestlers” lol

  • Winnipeg

    TNA is 4 washed up WWE wrestlers

    • the arbiter

      And knockouts WWE doesn’t use.

  • Wow! This article is TWICE as long as the usual ones!

  • Zach

    seriously i just looked at the tna roster and theres about 60-65 ppl in the roster and about 10-15 and this is all including aces and 8s were from WWE thats not even a quarter

  • SoulFool

    Like I said MANY times before…Do what they do for a living , then criticize , Morons !!!

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