Jeff Hardy Nursing Back Injury, Indy Standouts Work Opener, 300 People Attend TNA Live Event

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- Jeff Hardy was nursing a back injury at Thursday's TNA live event in Johnson City, Tennessee. He was icing it before he even got to the back as he signed autographs for fans that bought tickets to get into the ring with him. Below are some other notes from this show:

- Independent standouts Chase Owens and Jason Kincaid worked the opening match. Both are known for their work on local NWA circuits.

- Speaking of Thursday's TNA live event, the crowd was very sparse. Only a few hundred were estimated to be in attendance.

  • jdl

    Someone needs to inform him that you're supposed to heat a back injury to loosen the muscles, ice may dull the pain, but you're tightening the muscles up which will make it hurt more once you're out of ice.

  • authur

    I Hate to tell You But All Of Your Sports Medicine Doctors Use Ice Or Cold Water Not Heat Ask Dr. James Andrews Who Is Figured The Bet In The Country

  • Robert olley

    Well I’m a qualified nurse and you sways use heat on muscles never cold your muscles and tendons tense up in cold. The only reason u don’t feel the pain is coz your nerves are numbed

  • Lacey McIlysh


  • oli

    im also a qualified nurse, and trainee orthopaedic physiotherapist, ice isnt used to numb nerves, its used to reduce swelling, which in turn will reduce pressure ultimately reducing pain. Heat is more appropriate for muscle pain but given his lifestyle/the way he probably injured his back means it would be more likely due to swelling from bumps as opposed to streched muscles.

  • Ross Perot

    So how bout that 300 or so person crowd…rofl

  • dr adam baker WWE

    dang…300??? that's hillarious LOL!!!

  • BigMike7302

    Jeff has had back problems for years, which happens to be one of the factors that started his pill addiction was his severe back issues

  • Sweetonion

    Screw the hot and cold used oxycoden