Jeff Hardy Injured At Last Night's TNA Live Event

Jeff Hardy was injured at last night's TNA live event from Worcester, Massachusetts. The injury appeared to be to his backside and caused his match against Christopher Daniels to go to a quick finish.

As of this writing Hardy hasn't addressed the injury but posted the following on Twitter:

  • Jordan Burns

    What a self absorbed d*ck, he doesn't realize that it was most likely his own fault that he got injured

    • Shane

      Wait, so why are you angry? Wrestlers get injured and end matches short all the time because of this. I guess Edge was a self absorbed d*ck too when he tore his Achilles tendon just by doing a simple move and had to end the match abruptly.

  • Basknata1

    Is this a real injury? I don’t think he is going to the UK or at least I havnt seen any advertising for him there. They might e trying to write him of….???

    • Basknata1

      *be and * off… Sorry

  • Jim

    If they were writing him off it wouldn’t be at some rinky dink house show that only a couple hundred people saw. It would totally defeat the purpose because the average fan wouldn’t hear anything about it. There would have to be something done on Impact to write him off if it was to work properly.

    • Basknata1

      Thank u.. After I posted that I realized it would be stupid for them to do that

      • Allen

        He may not be able to go due to his pending trial.

      • Chris

        This is TNA we’re talking about, right? They DON’T make stupid decisions?

  • Casey Mac

    Did anyone happen to think maybee his PROBATION OFFICER would not allow out of country travel.

  • joe

    I'll be pissed if Hardy doesn't show up at the show tonight in Lowell Mass. That's the only thing my 8 year old has been talking about for a month

    • Abe

      It's sad you let your kid look up to Jeff hardy

  • Caleb Caton

    Come on, we all know Jeff has been screwed out of the heavyweight championship what, maybe 20 times. He’s a really nice guy and he’s really trying to turn his life around.