Jeff Hardy Injured At TNA Lockdown

The word from backstage at TNA Lockdown was that Jeff Hardy suffered a concussion in his main event steel cage match against Bully Ray for the TNA Championship. The injury happened when Ray gave Hardy a powerbomb from the top rope and he hit his head. He was clearly loopy on his way to the back and had a significant headache once backstage.

Hardy has yet to address the injury but did Tweet this Instagram photo.

Hardy's wife, Beth, didn't address the injury either but did Tweet a great photo of the Lockdown crowd you can view at this link or embedded below:

Matt Hardy wished Jeff well prior to the match, hoping he had an injury-free cage match.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Hell yeah thats when it happened. You could tell because Hardy almost missed the kick out.

  • Paul

    Hardy being visibly loopy in the ring is a new thing?

    • Come on, he’s been clean a over a year now. While I’m not a fan of his, I understand what he’s went through.

  • I said last night that it looked like landed bad. I just hope he doesn’t end up with lingering side effects from it.

    • Kenneth

      Between his gimmick and his personal history I don’t think too many people would notice if he did.