Jeff Hardy Signs A New Deal With TNA Wrestling

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Richard Gray informed everyone earlier that TNA President, Dixie Carter will be live on Bellator MMA tonight to reveal some big news. The first part of the news was about upcoming venues that will hold Impact Wrestling as they head on the road. We will have more about that subject later. The main and biggest news, in my mind, was the update on Jeff Hardy. She said Jeff will return to the show on February 28th and he signed a new deal with TNA Wrestling. This is a long term deal. She said he will be with the company for many years to come. Here is a tweet that Impact Wrestling just sent out:

Many people were speculating whether or not Jeff Hardy will re-sign with TNA Wrestling or if he will go to WWE. With WWE posting Jeff in their alumni section as well as posting several videos of him on Youtube, article can be seen here, lots of people thought that WWE and him were close to signing. In reality, that may have been the point where they knew Jeff no longer had an expiring contract.

  • BIG M

    well that sucks.

  • BIG M

    Any chance u guys can give us more details on why he re sighed with the worst promotion in history.

    • wow u call yourself a fan hateing [just 4 hateing wow grow up young lady]

  • Jimmy

    this news ruined my day

  • Pluto

    Ruined my day. Wanted too see him back in the E.

    • Nostaljack

      Can’t agree with this. He already has two wellness strikes there. The ink wouldn’t have been dry on the contract before he would have dropped dirty and been gone anyway. He’s much better off in TNA.

      • Better off, how?Because they won’t hold him accountable for his bullshit?

        • Nostaljack


  • Benjamin

    I wonder were WWE trying to swoop in and get him as a last minute replacement to face CM Punk at WrestleMania, given their history, in case the Undertaker doesn’t work the match.

  • I can understand why Hardy decided to stay with TNA. He already had 2 strikes with WWE and most likely TNA lets him get away with whatever it was. Also the schedule isn’t as rough for him.

  • SoulFool

    Jeff Hardy is a Legend…a modern day Sting who is loved , and hated by many in the industry , and has faced the creme de la creme of The Wrestling world !!! Sure , He has his problems , like the many…but He is in TNA for a reason and He will stear the company to greatness , just as Bobby Roode , Austin Aries , Samoa Joe , Kurt Angle , James Storm , Zema Ion , The Knockout’s , and the like who are not in it to just make a paycheck , will propel the company to a higher status if allowed to apply their craft to the potential upstart promotion !!!

    • brad

      seriously man Zema Ion? ill give you the other names cause i agree with you on them but what do you see Zema Ion bringing to TNA

      • SoulFool

        I think The guy has lots of potential to be something in TNA w/ the right push !!! He is a great athlete , and his current character , a cocky hairspray using primadonna , is a good start !!! But , like any fresh talent in PW , They have to be utilized the correct way , if not…later !!!

        • Nostaljack

          Ion hurts people…badly. No thanks.

          • SoulFool

            Miz ditto…but WWE keeps him around !!!

    • Jeff Hardy is not a legend.Him and sting do not belong in the same sentence. Jeff Hardy made Sting look like an idiot when Hardy showed up “mentally unable to perform” in their match. Jeff Hardy is nothing but a glorified stunt man spot monkey. REAL TALK.

      • SoulFool

        Neither does Hogan belong in the same sentence !!! The guy only ever uses 3-4 moves and is so stuck on himself !!! Nash the same…One of the worlds worst “wrestler’s” if You can even refer to the dou&%ebag as such !?!

  • Crysknife

    I wonder how long it wil be until they remove his profile from the Internet?

  • Lin

    Maybe it’s TNA’s lighter schedule that made him re-sign

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    good. now they take the belt off his waist….

  • I’m not a Hardy fan never have been but many people are. Regardless of his past problems which he does seemed to have cleared up he is a star of the industry which is why TNA wanted him to resign so bad and WWE were putting the feelers out. Jeff will help TNA draw as will Angle, Sting and yes even Hogan again regardless of what the iwc think.

    I like TNA and want them to succeed I like WWE too, both do things I don’t like. If both are doing well iventially we will get a proper product from both.