Jeff Hardy Wins The Bound For Glory Series At No Surrender

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Jeff Hardy defeated both Samoa Joe and Bully Ray tonight to win the Bound for Glory Series. He goes on to face Austin Aries for the TNA World Championship at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

  • phil

    Not surprised. Ray’s contract is up & hogan wants jeff as champ anyway

    • Ibra

      Sorry Phil but actually ray just resign with tna for the next two years. That want a fresh match with new faces with Aries vs hardy which should be great and would love to see Aries beat hardy and prove he is the best wrestler in the world today

    • The Rebel

      Bully Ray got a 2 year TNA contract on Saturday, and bully shouldget a title shot soon, probably around genisis

      • JasonGaza

        Sorry TNA fan but Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan are the best today.

    • jdl

      He signed a two year extension.. So Ray's contract is not up.

  • jdl

    Just goes to show that TNA still hasn't figured out what they're doing. They give a guy who is known to depend on drugs quite heavily when he can't handle the pressures of the day to day, and an overweight guy in his early 40s who is well past his prime the slot as the headlines of the BFG finals. They were boned either way, but the least they could have done is have Ray win… at least he's dependable.

    • Lenny

      You said a nice thing about Ray towards the end but when you started you totally bashed the guy! Talk about contradicting yourself! First off MARK, Bully Ray is in the best shape of his life! Ive follow his career since 1995 when he was in ECW ALL THE WAY to his amazing tenure in the WWE. Bully or Bubba which ever you wanna call him, had always been overweight. I remember in 2005 when The Dudleys made a cameo appearance at One Night Stand, he looked a little better than before. Then he cAme to TNA and he started getting really fat and really fast! In 2011 when he broke up with Dvon and became Bully Ray he started working out more and now he is totally leaner than ever! So don’t go calling the guy overweight when I bet you yourself are a fat piece of crap who’s jealous of the guy because he’s getting into a
      Great shape. Further more, Ray has never had a bad match in his life, he’s always been a good worker, sure
      He’s not a great technical wrestler because he is more about entertaining us with his brute and aggressive style. I was totally disappointed that he didn’t win, I mean sure we’ve seen Bully vs Aries in the past and never seen Aries vs Hardy but Hardy has had his shot, he’s been to the top and he’s the kind of guy who can be at any time but Ray has never been and I feel with this win, he could have really cemented his status as a bonified main event player.

      • _JIM_

        Bully got into shape the minute Hogan came in and got control. I’m betting he was told to shape up and he would get a singles push to the top. Which he did so he got his push. He’s a dependable veteran worker that knows the business inside and out. He had a lot more responsibilities in ECW than just competing in the ring. From what I’ve read he did everything from answering phones to packing ECW schwag for shipment. Not to mention he had a lot to do with booking. So the guy is pretty valuable to a smaller promotion like TNA and I think he deserves slot more respect than what he’s getting.

  • LeftyTosser

    Sad ending to the match as well. Hardy takes a metal ring post to the shoulder, Bubba beats on the shoulder for 15 minutes and yet Hardy is able to use the shoulder and arm better at the end of the match than at the beginning. Sorry end to a decent PPV.

  • Bault16

    Hardy v Aries. That’s solid PPV

  • phil

    In any event it was only a matter of time b4 they try & make hardy champ again….so blatantly obvious…