Jeff Hardy Working Through A Back Injury

I can confirm reports that Jeff Hardy is currently working through a back injury. The injury has caused him to be limited as to what he can do in the ring and he has been booked accordingly.

TNA will tape the next two weeks of Impact Wrestling on Monday and Tuesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We'll have full taping results here at

  • Alex

    "Injury"?? Sure, Jeff. We'll stick with that story if you want.

  • Arav

    Hope for his sake he doesnt turn to the you-know-whats just to work through the pain

  • Jim

    This isn't a surprise to me at all. Because I haven't seen him land a clean "Swanton" since he came back from his legal troubles. He's landed square on top of who's he's wrestled in every match I've seen him in since his return.
    That has to tweak your back when you land that move on the top of your opponent. Can't feel real good for the opponent either, and pretty much has to knock the wind right out of them. If not worse. Also, if he really has quit abusing pain-killers any pain that he does have will be magnified like 50 times over. It'll be like that for him until his system returns to normal. So an injury that would normally involve only minor pain. Will now feel, to him, to be alot worse than what the same injury would feel like under normal circumstances…

  • Karen

    I'm kind of tired of all the Jeff Hardy hate. It's SO old.
    Oh look, everyone, Jeff botched a Swanton! The only possible explanation for that is that he's messed up on drugs.
    Did you hear that Jeff was being booked sparingly because of an injury, something that happens to every wrestler in the world from time to time? He must've been snorting cocaine before his match, though; there's no other possible explanation, right? He's a hopeless JUNKIE. He couldn't have simply gotten INJURED, especially when he throws himself off of the top rope every night. That's simply too outlandish an explanation.
    It's fine if you're not a fan of Jeff's; we all have those wrestlers we hate. But this persistent cry of "junkie" from the mob is stupid, and unnecessary.
    Why is it that no one is offended by RVD's blatant marijuana use? No one's pointing fingers at him. And that is bullcrap.
    Jeff's a great wrestler, and he's sacrificed his body for years so we could be entertained. Please remember that before accusing him of things you know nothing about.

    • jon

      i agree karen people who hate on hardy for no reason with out no explanations need to get a life

      • leo

        i agree two

  • leo

    i feel bad for jeff hard he is like my dad my brother i look up to him i just look at the match we he lost to cm punk and after the match when he says those like this not good-bye forever i just start crying i love him if i met him in real life i will stick with him until then end thats the only thing i want to do in the world meet him and stay with him

  • leo

    like jeff says life for the moment