Jeff Hardy's Contract, CM Punk's Return, Ric Flair/WWE, Dark Match Main Events

I am a huge Jeff Hardy fan and I know he left WWE and went to TNA. I was just wondering if Hardy would ever come back to WWE?

WWE had interest in Jeff Hardy when his last TNA contract was up but he ended up re-signing with TNA Wrestling for another two years.

Will CM Punk return as a heel or babyface?

CM Punk is a heel although there have been some developments in when he'll return. Originally scheduled for next week's WWE Raw in Columbus, Punk is now scheduled to return on the May 27th episode of Raw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have more at this link.

When Ric Flair returns from mourning, what capacity will he have in WWE?

Ric Flair isn't under WWE contract. There were plans to use him on a per shot (on the Legend's panel on the 3/25 WWE Raw) but a health issue caused him to get sent home followed by the tragic death of his son Reid. If he signs or if there are plans to bring him in on a per shot, we'll bring you the latest details.

Why aren't the dark matches on Raw and Smackdown ever seen on television? It seems like the dark matches are sometimes the best match of the night. What are your thoughts about this?

Dark match main events are done to give the crowd in attendance a bonus for attending live. They usually aren't very long but do involve main event names. Dark match main events provide workers an opportunity to go over spots  with people they are in programs with in front of a live television audience.

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  • Bambam

    Jeff had his problems he would be ruined in today’s wwe

  • KingKongBrody

    If they’re on tv then its not a DARK match.

  • To see CM Punk come back is just awesome but I hope he takes his sweet time because the man needs this break! When he finally returns, this might be just me but I hope he comes back as a babyface. Although he’s brilliant as a heel, I just think he’s more suited as a Babyface because one ppl will cheer him no matter what! (This argument is based on the fact that ppl boo Cena and he’s a Babyface when he should turn heel already so the same thing works for Punk in reverse if you get what I mean) so Punk can come back and say he got choked up in the moment because he thought he could beat Taker but realized Taket is indeed the man and kinda sing his praises and then Heyman comes out all confused and Punk sort of blames Heyman for the brainwash or whatever and this could be the initial feud between Punk and Lesnar for Summerslam! I think it
    Would be a really entertaining idea and given how Punk feel about part timers he could use that to pipe bomb Lesnar. Man I wish I was a damn writer for that damn show!

    • Month

      No just no

      He is a heel

      Not gonna happen

    • Nonobo it’s bad enough all heels in wwe are cowards. We don’t need punk coming back. As a wimpy bitch.

  • Month

    Richard any truth to the rumors that Punk and WWE are on sour terms? I heard his push may be ending and he may never get to the level he was?

    Did he do something wrong?

    Also I hope he takes his time and comes back in 4-6 months, that way many will forget him for a while tha. When he does come back his return can make a huge splash

  • #push Justin Gabriel

  • CM Punk kicking Cena’s ASS