Jeff Hardy's Popularity, Lesnar Sued WWE, Why Goldberg Left, Remembering Gorilla Monsoon

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Has Jeff Hardy's popularity gone downhill since leaving WWE?

Given the fact that TNA Wrestling is watched by far less by than those that watch WWE, I think that's a fair assessment. However, that doesn't mean people aren't still interested in Jeff Hardy. TNA has held Hardy off television to sell Aces and Eights "attack" on him and we get questions every day about his return. When his contract with TNA was up, WWE teased fans by adding him to their Alumni section with photos and videos. He's still a top guy in this business and should be throughout the duration of his new TNA contract.

Was there any reason why Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Steve Austin left WWE after Wrestlemania XX?

All three had different circumstances. Brock Lesnar hated the WWE travel schedule and wanted to pursue a career in the NFL. He requested his release to do this. WWE granted his release on the condition he would sign a non-compete agreement that would prevent him from working for a competing organization before June 2010. Lesnar signed it and was granted his release after his match at Wrestlemania XX against Goldberg. When the NFL didn't pan out, Lesnar went to Japan to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling. This resulted in a legal battle with WWE due to the non-compete but it was later dismissed after a settlement.

Goldberg wasn't happy in WWE either and wanted out. He fulfilled his contractual obligations and was "fed up" with backstage politics and the way the company operated. Goldberg didn't get along with Vince McMahon and stated publicly both he and Lesnar were in a hurry to get out of dodge.

Steve Austin's contract with WWE was coming up and they were negotiating behind-the-scenes. I don't have specifics as to what went wrong but they broke down a month after Wrestlemania XX and he let the company.

Goldberg accused WWE of not putting the focus on the Wrestlemania XX bout (with Austin as the special referee) given their impending departures. The New York City crowd was "smartened up" to the fact that Goldberg and Lesnar were leaving and crapped on the match.

What are your opinions on Gorilla Monsoon?

Gorilla Monsoon was a big tough man and a legend in this business. He cleared the way for Jim Ross and is forever remembered by the naming of the Gorilla Position backstage. He was known for being an honest man with Vince McMahon describing him as one of the greatest men he's ever known. Monsoon is another name that we lost too soon as he died at the age of 62 due to complications from diabetes.

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  • Close but no cigar. No sir no smoking here – gorilla monsoon. Survivor series 1990 always sticks in my mind because of that saying dont know why

    • George Waldman

      I, and so many millions of other wrestling fans, will remember Survivor Series 1990 forever because it was the in ring televised debut of the greatest performer/wrestler ever: The Undertaker.

      • Kenneth

        ‘Taker and the Gobbledygooker.

        • George Waldman

          I don’t think the Gobbledygooker is remembered as much, or as fondly, as the Undertaker. In fact, I believe fans would rather forget he ever existed.

        • Gobbedly gooker to end the streak!!

    • The Bops

      That was my first live Pay-Per-View, and it was in Hartford.

      I can always say I saw the Undertaker’s first match in person.

  • AK-1138

    How is that in any way an opinion? Those are just facts. And how could you leave out his undying legacy as a commentator?

  • lee

    Hey Richard since you never anwser my ?’s I’ll try here. Does WWE own the Fandango┬áName or does someone else?

    • Gary Robert

      Isn’t is fun being a premium member, paying each month but never being able to get a question answered? I sent a question in week after week without any luck and had to, instead, listen to him constantly re-answer the same question from people over and over again.

      • There is a Premium Questions area, and as far as I know Richard answers all the questions he gets each week there. It’s one of the great things about being a premium member.

        • lee

          I was a premium member but i dropped it last year, i was getting tried of seeing Super Cena come out every week telling us how he’s going to rise above his opponent

      • I answer all questions. It’s always possible it gets caught in our SPAM filters. But since you’re having an issue. Please list your question right here and I’ll take a look.

        • lee

          Does WWE own the Fandango Name?

          • There is another company that has the trademark on the name Fandango, which is why WWE was originally going to call the gimmick Fandangoo. They ended up settling it and changed the spelling, however, I’ve searched the US trademark database and can’t find where WWE has a stake in it. But is this really so important you need to email twice and post it twice in comments? Not trying to be rude but…

  • Dave L

    Long live “The Gorrilla Position”

  • Gorilla Monsoon was regularly criticized for his commentary by the pre-internet wrestling marks. I never had a problem with it myself, I loved his chemistry with my hero Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

  • I remember goldber also saying that he left because of things being childish like when Rosie had s.h.i.t. On his shirt.