Jeff Jarrett Gets His Feelings Hurt; Team Hogan/Bischoff Win The War, Backstage Visitors At Slammiversary, Identity Of Abyss, Dixie Carter's Reaction

- The absence of Jeff Jarrett at last night's Slammiversary pay-per-view was particularly noteworthy, with both Jeff and Karen making it clear on Twitter their feelings were hurt. This is a clear case of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming to power and eliminating Jarrett and Vince Russo. There was a long drawn out war for political control (and Dixie's favor) between Hogan/Bischoff and Jarrett/Russo with the winner now blatantly obvious.

- Stacy Carter and Lance Hoyt were among the visitors backstage at last night's pay-per-view.

- The worker that played Abyss during Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray last night was a Team 3D student based out of Florida.

- Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter following last night's pay-per-view:

  • Ricky

    Sorry but I really don't feel bad for Jeff or Karen. These where the same two people who no showed TNA's biggest night in recent memory when it went live. Now they have hurt feelings because they decided not to be at the PPV? sorry but I feel no sympathy for them.

    • nickie

      Jeff was the one who founded the company and you would not be watching today if it wasn't for him so

  • stoney

    He broke 6000 guitars, never drew a dime

    • robert

      lol i'm glad to see someone else who don't like jj, when Vince said on raw when they bought wcw " oh ya jeff jarrett you're fiiiirrred" Vince became my hero.

      • nickie

        you people who don't like jeff jarrett make me sick jeff jarrett is a great wrestler and should of been inducted into the hof you woudnt'tbe watching tna if it wasn't for him

        • stoney

          I know JJ is the reason TNA exist, my opinion of him is that he's a poor mans Triple H

  • Steve l

    The snub is an angle to bring JJ back to feud with Sting

  • Paul

    Jeff jarret should be inducted to tna hall of fame if it wasn’t for him there would be no tna he is the man we should thank

  • Dre

    Yeah JJ who? oh yeah mid carder who couldn't main event until he started his own promotion. lol