Jeff Jarrett Lands Movie Role

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of Jeff Jarrett:

  • D.Nyte

    And this is news because?

    • D.Nyte

      …Broke 3,000 guitars and never drew a dime..who cares?!

      • Wes

        And still continues to break them and draw zero

  • Hunter

    Cool, him and Karen need to get back on TNA soon. Both are hiliarious

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Hmmm it wasn’t in the wrestler 2?

  • Glen

    I don’t get why people hate on Jeff Jarret so much, yeah the guy made mistakes and stepped on toes but if it wasn’t for him and his dad there would have not been a TNA to begin with, like it or not he’s the founder of the company and deserves at least that recognition and respect.

  • David Snay

    What is he going to play, their grandpa? I heard Karen makes him take double doses of Viagra.

  • Dave Barton

    I’ve just always found him bland & boring. I did like him during the territorial days, as a high-flying junior-heavyweight though…he had some solid skills.

  • Hardy

    Personally he should just focus on running tna because to be honest it’s need some improving. He shouldn’t be filming movies with Disney kids.