Jeff Jarrett Making "Good Progress" With New Project

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Jeff Jarrett remains active scouting talent both domestically and internationally for a proposed new pro wrestling promotion that is being financed by a group headed by country music star Toby Keith.

Our friend Josh Stewart of Newsday got the following quote from Jarrett but no confirmation on anything:

“I can tell you I'm making good progress, so, stay tuned!”

Plans for the project have been incredibly quiet. We first heard on Christmas Eve 2013 that the fear within TNA Wrestling was Jarrett was looking to start a new promotion with the Toby Keith group, the group that was interested in purchasing TNA Wrestling.

You can read our initial report from Christmas Eve at this link. For insider information on the Toby Keith group looking to purchase TNA, you can read that story at this link.

We're told this was the "only offer TNA had" for a potential buyer and there is significant funding behind this group.  The aspirations have been described as very big, with them not only looking to sign top talent [for a proposed new promotion] but that they're pursuing a national TV deal in the US as well.

  • MavsFanBrian

    Good for Jeff .. he created a great product with TNA until the Carter’s took it over and ran it into the ground

    • Nostaljack

      How did he create a great product? He didn’t get ratings before Dixie. The marketing wasn’t there before Dixie. I knew nothing of TNA’s existence until well into it and that was only because I happened to turn Spike on by accident. Why Toby is investing in Jeff is anyone’s guess but he’s already proven himself a really solid businessman and I hope it goes well. Competition is great for the business as a whole and, while I’m incredibly skeptical at this point, I hope Toby can provide it.

      • J Vomkrieg

        I have to agree with your Nostaljack. I can only hope that JJ has learned from his mistakes, something people in this business seem to have a hard time doing (It’s usually someone else’s fault for everything)

  • Bob’s Diner

    Hopefully now he is older and more focused on backstage workings he won’t make the same mistakes he made in TNA

    • Nostaljack

      I hope so too but I honestly doubt it. It’s not like things were amazing prior to Dixie’s involvement. They absolutely weren’t. People still didn’t know what TNA was. Hopefully, Toby Keith will ensure that Jarrett learns what marketing is.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I think at least one person from an entertainment industry point of view will help – not like the Carters had any idea on marketing or anything other than whatever the hell their company even does. Dixie probably still doesn’t understand anything about wrestling or entertainment

        It’s funny how much people think TNA was better before Dixie. It was better before she started appearing on TV on all the time, I’ll give them that

  • David

    I think the biggest problem they are going to have is who are they going to get for star power? TNA and WWE has all of the biggest stars in the industry and while there is a lot of people who want younger talent you can’t build a new brand or promotion off of a bunch of indy stars that people don’t know. It’s too bad they weren’t able to just buy TNA. TNA has a ton of stars that haven’t been used properly for a long time that would make a pretty good roster if they had people that knew how to write and market the product. They should have gone the route of purchasing TNA, rebranding it, and rebooting it completely. I doubt anyone will ever be able to compete with WWE unless someone is willing to put millions upon millions of dollars up (and lose money for a while) like Ted Turner did before. TNA is a glorified indy promotion at this point. I hope that Jeff Jarrett can pull this off but there is just no way unless he can get the talent required to start it up. And no he himself is not that talent and neither are people like Ken Shamrock.

    • dean

      jeff Jarrett is the typical red neck rassling promoter. NO PROMOTION IS GOING TO “COMPETE” WITH WWE FOR THE REST OF VINCE MCMAHON’S LIFE AND HE IS ONLY 68 YEARS OLD.
      JERK JARRETT started tna in 2002 but it would have folded if Dixie carter did not convince her redneck daddy to fund the promotion so his bimbo daughter could have a toy to play with and have a chance to have sex with a bunch of uneducated meat head wreslters who like to have fake fights and appear on tv in baby oil and spandex to impress their parents who are ashamed of their career choice anyway because it is like being a circus clown.

  • ldb

    I have renewed hope for competition one day for wwe. With the crap WWE has turned into with their stupid booking, and dixie just period in TNA, we need a good product with logical booking and at least somewhat compelling story lines for the under and upper card, that is marketed and advertised well. Please Jeff and Toby come through for the old school fans. I believe they will come back to wrestling if given something worth caring about.

  • old school

    JJ can start by signing AJ Styles and CM Punk, then he will already have the best of both wrestling organizations