Jeff Jarrett Now Accepting Independent Bookings

Jeff Jarrett is available to appear on independent shows as of Monday, January 6, 2014. The co-founder of TNA Wrestling is already advertised to appear on USA Championship Wrestling's show on Saturday, January 11, 2014 in Lebanon, TN with his wife Karen. Jarrett is scheduled to face their heavyweight champion Matt Boyce.

Jarrett has worked shows elsewhere since the last time he worked in a TNA ring, namely for AAA in Mexico.

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  • live1213

    I really wonder is this in effort to get in the WWE hall of Fame knowing Sting may stay with TNA?

    • Josh Melton

      I doubt it, due to his past history of refusing drop the belt and then force Vince to pay him alot of $ before he left WCW. it’s safe to say Jeff’s one of not many people on WWE’s ‘never ever mention or show’ list, along with Benoit and Chyna.. when he release the DVD called the raise and fall WCW. it pretty much painted Jarrett for the demise of the company..

    • Josh Melton

      Not only that, Jeff is the only pro wrestler to be “publicly fired on lived’s safe to say Vince has a strong dislike for Jarrett. He might never forgive him for his backmail betrayal. funny how Mcmahon can forgive Hogan and welcome him in on open arms.yet at same time,have strong dislike towards a man who blackmail him..