Jeff Jarrett Says It's Coming

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Jeff Jarrett posted the following video on Instagram:

The only thing the video says is "It's Coming." The rumor making rounds since Christmas Eve 2013 is that Jarrett is starting another promotion with a group financed by country music star Toby Keith. The group was believed to be the only group with serious interest in purchasing TNA Wrestling.

  • Nostaljack

    And the crowd goes mild.

  • King A sshole

    So it’s going to be Dixie Carter Vs. Toby Keith with Jarrett as the referee. Let’s be honest does anyone think it will make any kind of impact (no pun intended) on the wrestling world other than competing with TNA?

  • Zoltan L Williams Jr.

    Assuming TNA doesn’t fold, this promotion will be #3 behind WWE and TNA. So who’s going to be their big draw to even get started? AJ Styles? Sting? I’ll admit, I’m mildly interested, but I’m not sure how they can compete…

  • Kori

    Don’t be so quick to underestimate, if its serious money, expect serious talent .

    • Nostaljack

      It’s Jeff Jarrett. He ran TNA badly before Dixie came in and found a way to be even worse. My expectations are likely right where they should be.

    • Vic Jose

      Like who, Hulk Hogan?

  • Scott Davies

    I’m going to say. Lets not judge this until we see the product first. Jeff Jarrett comes from a long line of family promoters. I would not be surprised if Jerry Jarrett would also be helping behind the scenes. I mean Jeff Jarrett did make the X-Division at one time the thing to watch. Toby Keith is also a multi-millionaire from his country music career. So hiring talent like AJ Styles & Chris Hero would not be hard. Plus Toby Keith would be good at the marketing side as he is famous & can get sponcers & commercial time.

    • Vic Jose

      Yeah I’m sure AJ is as good as signed, but Jeff already had TNA and it didn’t get very far and will never really compete with WWE.

      • Lebron James

        If I recall correctly, during the time Jeff Jarret had majority control of TNA, they were rising pretty fast. I remember TNA being “The cool new guy” in the business. They were delivering some incredible product for a few years. I hope this company does well. The bizz needs a new face.

        • Vic Jose

          That’s true but they were still minor league compared to wwe.

  • BigMike

    Hopefully he has learned his lesson from past mistakes; namely burying others just to book yourself as champ and IMO that is why him and his father started TNA lol was to give JJ some “legit” world title reigns. I was never a fan of Jarrett but I respect his father.

  • outkazt09

    *puts on glasses* YYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vic Jose

    Just what the world needs…another TNA, what’s he going to call this one?