Jeff Jarrett Starting New Promotion With Toby Keith? Jim Ross Involved?

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Konnan said on his new MLW podcast Sunday night that Jeff Jarrett told him he's going to make an announcement this week on his new project. He revealed that Jarrett said TNA Wrestling is in really bad shape and he doesn't know or care if they see the year. The former WCW star basically said that Jarrett would be starting a new promotion with country music singer Toby Keith.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 3:00 PM EST Update: Please allow me to clarify my paraphrase. Konnan said if he had to guess, that would be his guess. He did not speak of it as a definitive fact. I apologize if that's how it was taken. End update.

Another element to this is Jim Ross. After teasing he was meeting with a "major sports concern" last week, he Tweeted the following:

We reported here on Premium on Christmas Eve that Jarrett might be looking to start a new promotion with Toby Keith, who was the lead financial backer in a group looking to purchase TNA Wrestling.

You can listen to Konnan's latest podcast at this link.

  • BIG M

    As long as Jarrett isn’t booking this new promotion it might be worth a look.
    But I stress the word “Might”.
    Till then I will stick with WWE, ROH, NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING and PRO WRESTLING NOAH thank you.

    • T.J. Wilson

      What if they co promote with NEW JAPAN or NOAH will you add this possible new promotion to your viewing list.

      • BIG M


  • Can’t wait to hear what the announcement is

  • jdl

    A new promotion is all well and good, but I’d rather we not see a repeat of TNA’s early days. Jarret is not a draw, he never has been and he never will be. We don’t need to see Jarret win the title, lose it for a week, win it back, lose it for a week, and so on and so forth ad nauseum until he has five or six title reigns in a year. He’s not going to bring in fans, or draw in new fans, at best it’ll just be a cheap imitation of TNA. Jarret can run the show behind the scenes, but he can’t be in charge of creative, especially if he’s going to be a performer as well.

    • Patrick

      I agree… when he started TNA with his Dad Jeff put himself as champion and star of the promotion which I thought was his big mistake.

      • thepowerserge

        Never was a fan of Double J, but was completely turned off by his Chosen One gimmick only to see its return in the early days of TNA. My only hope is that he stay out of the camera light. Wonder if he’ll call this one S.E.X.

  • Chris

    Toby should have had plenty of time to chat with J.R. on the Oklahoma sideline.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Ahhh enough with the hick promotions.

    • Mysterion

      Pretty sure the wrestling business feels the same for its close minded “if it ain’t WWE it ain’t for me” fans.

      • Asturias_Knytt

        So what’s your point? I haven’t watched WWE since 2002.

  • Ricky

    As long as he doesn’t push himself as the top talent like he did in the early days of TNA.

  • Showtime

    I called it, just look at the post that stated Jarrett was leaving TNA. I also figured Ross may get involved if he wasnt already when i saw both of them on the Oklahoma sidelines for the sugar bowl.

  • Showtime

    And AJ Styles backed of an agreement with TNA when Jarrett asked for his release…..hmmm…very interesting

  • Dave Barton

    I completely “get” the idea of putting your top title on the guy you trust most (even if its yourself), which is what Verne Gagne & many others did…but please, for the love of good wrestling Double J, do NOT book yourself another 10 “World” titles!!

  • Hardy

    Could be interesting IF it works, simply because it could provide rivalry with tna. But it is a big IF and further in the future. As long as tna are still around. Neither will be able to compete with wwe, but it could spark something between those 2 companies.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I’m skeptical. If Jarrett thought TNA was going to be out of business within a year, surely he would be offloading his share of the company? Otherwise, he would stand to lose a lot of money. Then there is the matter of TV deals and now is probably not the best time to be looking at that when compared to how the two major wrestling promotions in America are performing.

    Also, who would they use as far as talent goes?
    Due to TNA suing WWE for interfering in talent negotiations, I doubt Jarrett would risk any TNA talent. And they wouldn’t have the money to lure away any WWE names.

    I’m not trashing the idea, I just don’t see how they would make it financially viable

  • Nostaljack

    Worst part of TNA letting Jarrett leave: The truth he is now able to dispense about what’s going on behind the scenes. He’s likely going to hemorrhage facts about how bad TNA is doing and this is a very bad thing in terms of how TNA is going to look going forward. I’m not a fan of his in the least bit but it should be interesting reading if nothing else. Remember, this was the same guy that claimed TNA was operating in the black not too long ago. It’ll be odd to hear him not tow the company line anymore.

    • Mysterion

      That could backfire, too. If he starts spitting negativity constantly will he still be able to get talent to work for him? He doesn’t want to mess up his actually decent reputation in wrestling by coming across bitter and cheated.