Jeff Jarrett's Resignation Felt Throughout TNA Wrestling, Impacting Contract Negotiations?

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Jeff Jarrett resigning from his position behind-the-scenes in TNA Wrestling has been a hot topic since he Tweeted about it just before the holidays. His resignation was considered a surprise given the fact he had regained a considerable amount of stroke following the departure of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff being sent home.

TNA issued a statement, clarifying that Jarrett remained an investor in the company and they looked forward to his continued participation. We were told there was concern Jarrett could be looking to move on with the group financed by country music star Toby Keith to potentially start another promotion.

James Storm publicly came out in support of Jarrett, stressing that TNA needed him. There are also a number of people that think this could be impacting AJ Styles' negotiations for a new contract with TNA.

While Jarrett and Styles haven't always had the best relationship, that has changed considerably in recent years. Styles credits Jarrett for having a tremendous influence on his career and is very loyal to him because of it. He even told us in a media Q&A that he would not accept a TNA Hall of Fame nomination until Jarrett himself was inducted. Jarrett resigning from his position was seen as a sign that all is still not well in TNA and got the attention of a number of the boys that are Jarrett allies.

Jarrett is technically still employed by TNA Wrestling until January 6, 2014.

  • Nostaljack

    AJ Styles has absolutely no wiggle room, really. If he expects to remain on TV anywhere in the USA, he has to re-sign with TNA. He’s too old to go to WWE at this point. James Storm would also do well to re-think his public outburst as he is the same age as Styles and the closest he ever got to WWE was a development deal in WCW at the end of its life. He’s a good worker but WWE already has far better. While both are very talented, they are both a breath away from being true indie workers and they likely need to settle down and be grateful for their lot.

    • BIG M

      They could both make good livings in Japan and Mexico though.

      • Nostaljack

        He’d likely do really well over there. He wouldn’t be required to be a sports entertainer over there. He could just wrestle and that’s what he’s best at. Ditto on Storm. I just don’t think there’s any other avenue for them stateside than TNA.

        • BIG M

          Considering the tours in Japan usually consist of 2 weeks on 1 week off he could easily go back home and work ROH.
          I mean if TNA keeps floundering it might not be as long as everyone thinks before ROH gets a National TV deal in the U.S.

          • Nostaljack

            ROH has made some pretty bush league botches themselves (depriving paying customers of one of their PPVs) so their hands are hardly clean. I watched the show a bunch of times and I just couldn’t get into it. The work rate is fabulous but wrestling needs a little Barnum and Bailey and they have absolutely none that I saw. It just didn’t attract me and I abandoned ship after about a month. I think the lack of strong storytelling and name recognition would preclude their move into any kind of mainstream TV deal. Still, your point that Styles and Storm could go there for some extra cash is utterly valid.

          • BIG M

            Fair point.
            Although I was lucky enough to catch there Final Battle iPPV a few weeks ago and I can’t recommend people watch it highly enough great work by all involved.

          • Nostaljack

            I’ll have to check it out then. Good to know. I love that there are multiple promotions. There are people who love ROH and that’s cool. There are people who love TNA and that’s cool too. I just wish one would show up that displays some innovation and challenges WWE the way WCW did. I miss the days of the not being able to decide which program to watch – “Nitro” or “Raw.” It pushed both programs to pull out all the stops and created some of the greatest moments in programming we’ve ever seen. Heck, some of these real indies (NWA On Fire, UCW, Beyond Wrestling) have interesting programming that I’m happy to watch. Are they “TV deal” material? Not so much. Hopefully, a promotion can come along that will be.

            Either way, I suppose if Styles and Storm wanted to “indie hop,” (TNA contracts allow for that anyway, right?) they could do fairly well since they both have names that matter. Here in the US, their only real shot is TNA. It’s where they made whatever headway they’ve made and it’s where they’ll get the best deal.

          • TJ Willson

            ROH doesn’t care much about storylines your right but that’s because they put 99% of there efforts into there tallents ring work.
            That’s why they call themselves the alternative to WWE and TNA no cartoonish characters or soap opra story’s just great wrestling.

          • jonathon

            im not gonna argue that tna has some financial issues and some overall issues in general, especially now with jj and aj leaving.

            but this whole idea that tna is floundering is a little absurd when they just got their highest viewership in over 3 months and the month of December has been one of the best viewership months in all of 2013.

            also, roh is a niche product. you put roh on national tv in its current form you think tna ratings are bad ? no casual fan is going to watch a show like that. they would have to adapt to attract casual fans, and thereby completely changing what makes them roh in the 1st place.

            just look at what happened to ecw when it got a tv deal on tnn. even paul heyman said in interviews that their whole identity had to change because what made them special, what made them ecw was not fit for tv and advertisers.

            i dont think people realize how big the gap is between roh and tna . on an internet level , its not much at all because most of roh fanbase comes from the internet, but on national and international level its not even close.

          • TJ Wilson

            Your forgetting ECW had the worst TV deal with TNN/SPIKE who only wanted to see if wrestling would fly on there network so they could sign WWE Raw to it.
            In fact I’m willing to bet ECW’s ratings were higher on SPIKE than TNA’s have ever been and SPIKE invested nothing in ECW and millions on TNA.
            And don’t sell ROH short there fanbase is unbelievablely loyal and would be giving a lot of word of mouth advertising if they got on tv just like ECW’s fanbase did.
            Not to mention the IWC’s raction would be to it every single one would be on WNW telling us to watch and even though we would say we are ignoring them we would check it out just outa curiosity.
            So sorry Johnny boy but your dead wrong if ROH got on TV it would do better than people expect.

          • Nostaljack

            ROH is already on TV. They’re on Sinclair Stations. There’s one thing that’s really telling about ROH with regards this site: WNW doesn’t cover ROH. He’ll cover WWE and even TNA, but not ROH. Inasmuch as one can’t compare WWE with TNA, you can’t really compare ROH with TNA. There are currently 55 stations in this country carrying ROH under the Sinclair deal. It isn’t shown in the DMV, LA, or the New York City area at all. When I was watching, I had to go to the site and pay to do it (which I was fine with, btw.) Spike undoubtedly reaches more people than the Sinclair deal can offer ROH.

            Also, few realize TNA exists and far fewer still realize ROH exists. The IWC makes up a *very* small portion of the television viewing audience so we kinda don’t matter to the bottom lines of any of these companies. All need casual viewers in order to survive. The IWC isn’t enough to keep any of them going.

            I’m not sure what ECW’s ratings were but there’s no way the marriage between ECW and the Nashville Network (Spike’s former identity) had a chance. They couldn’t have been very high or, likely, Nashville Network would have looked the other way and let ECW make the network some money. If you want to talk unbelievable loyalty, the ECW fans had that in spades. They’d practically riot at that old bingo hall during their shows – PPV or not.

    • Bob’s Diner

      AJ Styles has wiggle room. He is their top draw – the guy the company has been built around for who knows how long now. Despite being booked awfully for about 60% of the last 6 years, he was still TNA’s biggest babyface. Why should he take a 50% paycut just to continue looking like a fool on their television show, when he can make guest appearances in other promotions and look like a star?

      And good on James Storm for speaking his mind. I respect guys that say how they feel instead of worrying about their standing in the company. Not like he could be punished for it anyways. What are they going to do, make him tag with more rookies?

      Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this was just a big work and Magnus turned up at the ROH show to cost AJ his match and say he is better than him or something lame like that…

      BTW I am interested – who do you think in WWE is “far better”?

      • Nostaljack

        *I think* (in no particular order) Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins are all far better than AJ Styles when you add their excellent ring work to their mic work*. In terms of personality, there are few who are worse. This is why AJ could never make in WWE. He has no mic to speak of. Every time he’s on the mic, he feels forced and contrived. He often loses his place and stutters while cutting promos. In order to survive in WWE, you have to be able to cut a convincing promo and he can’t. I heard his fake “pipe bomb” re: Dixie and it just felt false to me. I know that’s a booking issue but he could have pulled it off better. Like Cena or not, when he cuts a promo, he’s passionate and you believe every word.

        AJ is a big fish in a puddle from a relative perspective (I’m not trying to bash; just stating fact in terms of income and size of promotion.) The problem is that most step over said puddle without realizing it’s there. This makes it harder for him to make waves anywhere other than TNA. Ditto for Storm, though I’d argue that AJ is the bigger fish between the two.

      • Nostaljack

        (Forgive me if this shows up twice; I posted it once and didn’t see it so I’m re-writing it)
        In terms of who’s far better, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Goldust (there may undoubtedly be others I’m not thinking of; darn the re-type!) fit that bill in terms of great ring work and great mic. In the ring, Angle is phenomenal; on the mic, he’s non-existent. I can’t recall a single promo he’s given that feels natural, well-paced, and that flowed well. Every one I’ve heard has been pretty bad – including the “redux Pipe-bombs” I’ve heard him do.

        AJ is a medium-sized fish in a puddle from a relative perspective (just talking size of TNA and name recognition – no bashing intended.) The issue is that most step over the puddle because they can’t see it. Most don’t know TNA exists so that AJ is a name there doesn’t mean much. As “Big M” intimated, it’s enough of a name to do well in Japan.

        Storm is another matter. He absolutely *could* be disciplined for running his mouth on Twitter. Ask Dolph Ziggler…LOL! Given that he’s not the name AJ is, I don’t think the Carter’s would have too big an issue letting his contract expire.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Well, yes, he could be punished… but what is punishment in TNA? A contract extension?

    • Patrick

      AJ Styles could work with ROH They have TV , He doesn’t have to re-sign with TNA. plus as others pointed out there is always Mexico and Japan.

  • Seth

    Some of the older guys who have a ‘name’ say they make really good coin on the indies. Besides, I just wonder if he just wants to have fun wrestling again rather than deal with the wonder of what’ll happen in TNA.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Perhaps, if Jarrett starts another company, this time he’ll keep it and not allow bimbos and morons like Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff to take control.