Jeff Jarrett's TNA Resignation Official On January 6, 2014; Still Part-Owner

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TNA Wrestling issued an official statement on the resignation of Jeff Jarrett. By all accounts this is legitimate and not part of a storyline. Should something change, we'll pass along the word. The official statement is available in its entirety below:

TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett’s resignation from the company effective January 6th, 2014. Dixie Carter, President, commented “On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling."

The statement does answer the question about Jarrett's ownership stake in the company.

You can read the statement in its original format at this link.

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, what part of “We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling” doesn’t explain his ownership stake? It sounds like he is staying as an investor doesn’t it?
    Could it also be that because he is an investor and looking to increase his ownership portion in the company (along with bringing in other investors) that it might look better to other investors that he not have a position on the payroll? Investment 101: Make sure your partners have at least the same skin in the game and make sure they aren’t making money (getting paid) when you aren’t.

    • Nostaljack

      Richard said, “The statement does answer the question about Jarrett’s ownership stake in the company.”

  • Hardy

    To be honest I wasn’t a fan of Jarrett always winning the belt in tna, but that being said he sure could liven the show up a bit!

  • FassbendersRazzieSpeech

    I was a huge fan of Jeff when he tagged with Owen Hart. Even his nWo days at the end of WCW. I don´t watch tna , and I never will. I only really watch wwe when its time to Rumble , and at Wrestlemania. Cena sucks

    • Mysterion

      Keep trolling, kid.

  • _JIM_

    I believe Richard’s quote was that “the statement DOES answer questions of his ownership stake”. Reading is fundamental!

  • Guest

    The headline reads “still part owner” even though that’s not the case and hasn’t been in over 3 years. Jeff’s small remaining share in the company was returned to Panda back in 2009.