Jeff & Karen Jarrett "Fired," Melina Says She's Not In TNA, Former TNA Knockout On The Biggest Loser

- For those that missed the airing of last night's Impact Wrestling, both Jeff and Karen Jarrett were "fired" by Sting in a backstage vignette. The angle was actually done to write Jeff off TV as he heads to India to work on the company's project there. The segment was not taped in front of the live audience at this week's television tapings.

- Melina says she isn't the masked Knockout in TNA Impact Wrestling. The following is from her Twitter:

- Kim Neilson, formerly known as Desire in TNA, is a contestant on the next season of "The Biggest Loser" on NBC.

  • havoc525

    Wasn’t familiar with this Desire woman. Looked her up, thought she MUST be a trainer on biggest loser. If your statement is right, she must have done something crazy. I want to see how “big” she is now. Wonder if she’s one of those “i’m a hog” girls who is slightly thick, but still hott.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That explains why the fired segment was not part of the spoilers. I thought they had desided to push it back or make some excuse why it was not going to happen. Glad to see Karen off TV for a while, even when JJ and Karen both return later , Hopefully they will get the Knockouts back to wrestling.

    • d93andr5


      • XKonn247

        Chaotic*. Mark.

        • Matt Finnie

          Don't mock his Speeling! 😉

          • XKonn247

            Haha. Ok I’ll be goid. Lol

      • Ummmm spelling

  • Van

    the spoilers before the taping said it was supposed to be just Jeff that got fired but I think TNA got some many complaints about Karen's role in the knockout division that they decided to kick them both off tv

  • Chris
    As a wrestler, Desire was listed at 140 pounds. According to this website, she's now 252!! Yee haa!

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Things went that bad after TNA huh? She dont look too bad, though, but yeah I remember her. As Desire, she was one the Original Knockouts (b4 they were even named that) along with Trinity and Traci, etc. when the co. first came out in '02. Far as i know, She and especially Trinity woulda been the Trish & Lita of TNA if it wasnt for all those Behind the Scenes Shenanigans courtesy of Creative. I wish her good luck and hope for a return to the ring, if any chance she gets back to the fightin weight on that show. Lets see…..

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Oh and Melina in TNA? Against Mickie James should Serena back out due to her concussion? That's very interesting…..