Jeff & Karen Jarrett To Reveal New Project Monday, April 7, 2014

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Jeff and Karen Jarrett released a new teaser video on Monday.

The video opens with Jarrett questioning what he's been working on the last two months and he said a real close friend of his out of Los Angeles told them to have patience. He admitted it probably wasn't their strong suit. Jarrett said the friend told them what they've done in 8 weeks usually takes people 8 months or longer.

Karen said anyone that knows Jeff knows he's wrestling, it's his blood. They're humbled at the excitement, news and positive speculation. Jeff said their entire family is excited about it and they thrive off it.

Jeff said their first major announcement is going to be Monday, April 7, 2014.

Karen said finally a day when they're able to scream and yell and tell the entire world what they've been working on.

Jeff admitted they've been traveling the world, searching for the very best wrestling talent out there.

You can watch the latest embedded in the video below:

APRIL 7, 2014 - JOIN THE MOVEMENT from Kevin Sullivan on Vimeo.

  • thw great one

    Sounds promising.

    • Heath Slaters

      No, it sounds like an empty promise. When has Jeff Jarrett delivered on
      anything. He occasionally creates the impression that he’s a smart
      businessman in comparison to the majority of wrestlers out there with
      low IQs (Jeff Hardy, please take one step forward). But the reality is
      that he is NOT a talented businessman/promoter. Unless he has both a
      major ($50M+) investment AND contracts signed by impressive performers,
      he will flop again.

  • Michael

    I would love another boom. Hopefully it works.

  • Jeff has proven nothing concerning whether or not he can actually run a promotion. He started TNA with his dad and sold a majority stake to Panda when it wasn’t working financially. The result? If last night’s PPV and the way it was handled is any indication, not the greatest. Why should this new promotion work out? Forgive me if I’m not the least bit optimistic.

    • Ray

      TNA is easily the best know Fed out there (aside from WWE of course) and everyone’s main problems with the company are changes that were enacted by those that gained more control than Jarrett. Just saying… I don’t even watch TNA. But if anyone can get something respectable going, aside from Heyman, I gotta’ believe it’s Jarrett.

    • BIG M

      He does have one thing going for him he’s taking TNA’s working relationship with Triple A (witch he started) away from them that will hurt TNA and help his new promotion.
      He started TNA’s new working relationship with Wrestle1 not long before he left also.
      He could persuade Keiji Mutah A.K.A The Great Muta Wrestle1’s owner to have his guys jump ship.

    • OxyFenix

      Lockdown was better than the borefest that was Elimination Chamber. I don’t know how much Jeff was involved with the decisions made in TNA but if he is planning on making a new promotion then we’ll find out.

  • Vince McMahon

    Jeff who?

  • BIG M

    As I said when Double J started to post these videos I will be interested in what this new promotion can come up with ……as long as HE is NOT booking it.
    He can start a promotion he can scout talent for a promotion but he simply can’t book a promotion.
    He booked TNA for 7-8 years and despite a talented roster and considerable financial backing the product was only 10% good the other 90% was terrible.

  • Bob’s Diner

    He’s going to announce that he has created a wrestling board game and has soundly beaten Karen and his daughters at it to become the Board Game Champion. Bully Ray will then announce he is going to leave TNA so he can battle Jeff Jarrett at the board game, in between selling CM Punk t-shirts in Chicago

    • BIG M


  • jdl

    So long as he lets his airhead wife speak and participate in the promotion I will not watch it. She’s awful, ruins everything she’s involved in on screen and I doubt she’s any better behind the curtain.