Jericho & Austin, WWE Receiving Opposition Over Fandango, The Miz & The Muppets, JR’s Raw Thoughts, Dark Match Result

- Chris Jericho’s first episode of his “Talk is Jericho” podcast is now online at this link. His first guest is Steve Austin.

- The movie ticket service Fandango is opposing WWE’s trademark of the name. I’m not sure what happened but WWE was originally set to spell Fandango with a second o, Fandangoo, to avoid this but ended up going with the former. Apparently their legal team feels they’ll win the opposition.

- The Miz filmed a segment with The Muppets and celebrity chef Gorden Ramsey on Tuesday. You can watch a video of The Miz with The Muppets posted by WWE at this link.

- Jim Ross updated his blog with full thoughts from this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Click here to read it.

- Tyson Kidd beat Justin Gabriel in a dark match prior to this week’s Smackdown taping.

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  • JJ

    Hopefully the ticket holder Fandango wins, and WWE is forced to change this horrid character, I mean come on you knew it would be an issue, and it’s not like the guy’s gimmick is selling, fans do the “da-da” fingers out of mockery and because of DB.