Jericho In Rough Shape At Royal Rumble, WWE 2K14 Roster, Scott Hall On Cody In WWE

WWE news and notes…

- Sam Roberts has posted his recent interview with Chris Jericho at this link. As is the norm with Sam's work, this is a must-listen. Jericho revealed he worked Royal Rumble 2013 "super hungover," he almost missed his flight and nearly got arrested the night before. You can also check out the interview embedded in the video below:

- The complete playable roster for WWE 2K14 will be unveiled on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. We'll carry the roster as soon as it's announced.

- Scott Hall was recently a guest on Monday Night Mayhem where he talked about his son Cody. He said that while Cody would love to work for WWE, he realizes that he's a long way from being ready for it.

- Speaking of Hall, below is a cool photo from this weekend with Kevin Nash, Jim Ross, Scott and Cody:

  • Ricky

    So nice to see a healthy Scott Hall. We all know he’ll never be in the shape he was back in his Razor Ramon days. Still nice to see him out with his son and reconnecting with Kevin Nash.

  • Chris

    Couple things, first off Jim Ross STILL looks weird without the black hat. Second, Gravity is shrinking the HELL out of Nash. Third, Cody is a damn hoss, he could have a VERY bright future. Lastly, Nash said on the Steve Austin show that Scott looked like he had been in a time machine, I see what he means, holy hell he’s doing good.

  • AlphaMale

    That big smile on Scott Hall’s face is so good to see!

  • BigMike

    Cody should be in NXT training anywhere else unless its CZW or ROH would not be good for him