Jericho vs. Fandango, WM29 Card, Splitting Team Hell No, Ranjin Singh

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Given Chris Jericho's confrontation with Fandango on this week's WWE Raw do you think this will be a match at Wrestlemania 29?

With only two episodes of WWE Raw before Wrestlemania 29 (three episodes of Smackdown) it looks like Chris Jericho vs. Fandango at the pay-per-view is a real possibility. Jericho should be able to get the best out of Johnny Curtis although this is another tough one to book. Does Fandango lose right out of the gate or does Jericho go under then take more time off?

With seven matches already on the lineup for Wrestlemania 29 will more matches be added?

There should be 1-3 more matches added to the Wrestlemania 29 lineup. I expect something to happen with the Divas, as well as the aforementioned Jericho vs. Fandango bout. With an hour long pre-show and one match to have implications on the pay-per-view (details here), that should all be taken into account as well.

Do you feel it's time for Team Hell No to drop the WWE Tag Team Championship and give both Kane and Daniel Bryan a more serious run as singles competitors?

Team Hell No has run its course and Daniel Bryan is admittedly aching for some more serious stuff. I would be surprised if Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston do not win the WWE Tag Team Championship from Team Hell No, possibly due to dissension between Daniel Bryan and Kane. Feuding Bryan and Kane as singles would be a good step in the right direction for a more serious run for both.

What happened to Ranjin Singh?

Ranjin Singh, whose real name is David Kapoor, is the head WWE creative writer for Monday Night Raw.

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  • PFElton

    Oh no, Team Hello No is so cute and funny. Those silly rascals. >_>

  • opie

    Normally I would be against Jericho and Fandango, but I really think it would fit the theme of this year’s card. A part-time former world champion against a guy who never actually wrestles? It’s a perfect fit.

    • Jimmy

      The real question is who would win in a dance off? A man whos gimmick is based on dancing or a man who was on Dancing with the stars.

      • opie

        It’s unfortunate that that is the real question. It’ even more unfortunate that we’ll probably find out the answer to that question at Wrestlemania.

  • Daniel Bryan (and his fans) need to realize that when he was a serious face character no one gave a crap about him. I said from day one when he came that WWE needed to turn him heel. I even mentioned this to Triple H when I met him in Dallas for autograph signing at the Dallas RAW right before WM 27 (I only had 10 seconds so I mentioned it quickly). As a heel Daniel Bryan was great, but the whole YES angle eventually turned him into a lunatic-buffoonish character. This current character makes it hard for people to take him seriously. The only way Bryan can get away from his character is to turn heel on Kane. Once he stops overdoing the No/Yes crap fans will slowly stop saying it as well.

    • opie

      Austin’s been gone for a long time, but that one still goes on. Didn’t they try to turn Bryan heel? Didn’t that just make him even more over?

      • Ricky

        DB got more over as a heel than he ever could as a face becuase of the Yes/no chants. I liked the whole angel with Team Hell No and anger management, but it’s run it’s course. It’s best off split them and feud them with each other. DB is good enough to work on his own.

        • Yung

          DB = Derrick Bateman

  • Rich I found a website that copied your premium article word for word, I sent you the link.

    • Kenneth

      That’s disgusting. That’s evil. It’s dishonest and downright criminal. I should go there and give them a piece of my mind, that’s what I should do. Who’s with me?

      What site was that again?

    • Earl


  • I don’t see Team Hell No losing to Ziggler and Langston, I think they will lose them to The Shield.

    • Popped A Molly Im Sweatin

      What are you saying? Are you dumb, everyone already knows the Cena will win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

  • Stoney

    I like to see the shield as tag team champions.

    • opie

      I’d like to see them actually wrestle.

  • Rob UK

    Bryan is beyond wasted with this goat face gimmick. How typical of WWE to waste the guys who actually have talent. I don’t know but I think it will take a while build Bryan back up after this.

  • Kane and Bryan have been with each other for around a year. it’s been nice. But I want serious runs of single competition for both.