Jerry Lawler Addresses The Media About His Heart Attack - Will He Wrestle Again?, Last Memory At Raw

Jerry Lawler addressed in the media at a news conference in Memphis, Tennessee Wednesday afternoon to talk about the heart attack he suffered during the September 10th episode of WWE Raw. Below are the highlights:

  • Lawler feels his heart attack was hereditary due to the fact his father died of a heart attack and he's lived a healthy lifestyle, never having drank or smoked. He said doctors advised him to clean up his diet and exercise regularly. Lawler confirmed he has no permanent damage.
  • Jerry said his next doctor's appointment was in six weeks and he absolutely plans to wrestle again. He said he has received support from Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, who have both called him.
  • Jerry said he had some chest pain the weekend before he suffered the heart attack while vacationing in Aruba. He said the pain didn't last for more than 4 or 5 minutes and he wrote it off as indigestion.
  • Lawler said he felt fine at Raw during the day of the heart attack and remembers coming out for the show and the opening segment with WWE Champion CM Punk, Bret Hart and John Cena. He doesn't remember anything after that, including his own match.
  • He said he is in good health and his blood pressure is the lowest it's been his entire life. Lawler said the CPR he received backstage saved his life and his ribs are sore from the chest compressions.

    God Bless and get well King

  • Blake

    God saved you

    • Miss Paula – USA

      Amen. Thank You Jesus.

      • Korwegian

        Didn’t “God” give him the heart attack to begin with?

  • Keir

    I think you’ll find it was lots of highly trained medical staff, not god. If it was god, did he give him the heart attack in the first place? Was it some kind of test?

    • Its interesting how people are so quick to suggest it was god who saved someone’s life. But when someone loses their life, no one ever blames god.

      • manips

        why can’t they thank god? its what they believe. honestly, there’s no need to spark any religious debate, but it annoys me to high hell when it seems as if others’ beliefs are belittled. at the end of the day we’re all thankful jerry is alive, god or not.

        • Paul

          Thank god for the medical staff then

        • Ken

          They can thank God, but if they're publishing those thanks in an open discussion forum then they're opening themselves up to the ridicule they deserve.
          Free speech is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

  • _JIM_

    Of course his blood pressure is lower than it’s been. That’s completely due to the stints that were put in his heart. They help out with any blockages he may have had. Which in turn lowers his bloood pressure. I doubt it’s lower than it has ever been in his life, like he said, but I could definitely see it being a lot lower than it has been in years. I’d love to see King wrestling again, but I do hope that he doesn’t rush it and get back in there too soon. As long as he does what his Doctor recommends he should be back sooner than later.

  • thebops

    I have four stents from a heart attack in 2008. They have little effect on my blood pressure, believe it or not. Without my meds, my blood pressure still is upwards of 200/100. With meds, I’m actually normal. (and I’m not even 40 yet.)

  • Richard Gray

    Thank God, Jesus, Allah, the Buddha, Confucius, the universe, science or just the doctors. Let's not argue religion, let's just be thankful Jerry is still with us. He's too young to die and too good at what he does.

    • Guzzie1984

      Well said Richard

  • Paul George

    Well said Richard!!

  • Kevin

    Here, here, Richard! Whether you are religious or atheist, whether you are Christian or Muslim, whether you believe in God or Goddess, none of this matters. We could argue all day long that God gave him the heart attack/no it was Satan, God saved Jerry/no the doctors did, but it wouldn't get us anywhere. As Richard stated, the bottom line is that Jerry is still with us. He's too young to die and too good at what he does. I'm glad to hear that he plans to continue wrestling. I was afraid this heart attack would take him out of action for good.

  • Stacy

    I have watched you simce i was a small kid i was at your last match when you retired i cant ever see you not bein a part of wwe so you get better an have a speedy recovery so you can get back where you belong i also go to paris fairgrounds when your there we love you and miss you gey well soon