Jerry Lawler At Memphis Grizzlies Game; Charles Barkley Calls Out Brock Lesnar In Studio Segment

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Wrestling News World reader Steve Miner sent in the following:

Last night on the NBA halftime show on TNT during the Memphis vs LA Clippers game, they showed highlights of Jerry Lawler in the crowd. He was giving a pile driver
to a fan who was wearing a Clippers outfit.

Charles Barkley proceeded to call out Brock Lesnar about attacking John
alone and said that if Lesnar didn't leave Cena alone, he and Shaq would make a surprise visit to Monday Night Raw to take care of business.

TNT then showed highlights of Shaq and Big Show having a stand off in the ring. Charles Barkley repeatedly called out Lesnar.

  • Matt

    I would love to see him and Shaq take on Brock Lesnar. I'll give you a hint who will win against two old guys….

  • ryder

    That would be funny to see if Shaq and Barkley showed up on RAW

  • Steve Miner

    I was thinking the same thing last night when I saw the spot on the half time show. I think Shaq and Barkley could take Lesner in a brawl.

  • Dave Barton
  • Da KiDD

    I love Barkley and Shaq. Inside the NBA is truly the best sports broadcasting show on television! I would love if Vince found out what Barkley said, and he made it happen for them to make an appearance. Would be so great for basketball and wrestling. My two favorite things!