Jerry Lawler Discusses His Feud With Andy Kaufman On Its 30th Anniversary: How The Feud Came To Be, Why Kaufman Deserves To Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame, More

To recognize the 30th anniversary of the famous incident on The David Letterman Show, Jerry Lawler discussed his legendary feud with Taxi star Andy Kaufman in an interview with the official WWE website. Lawler went in-depth on his relationship with Kaufman, how Kaufman got involved in the wrestling business, how unscripted the Letterman incident was, and more.

In the following excerpt, Lawler explains what has made the rivalry so legendary, as well as Kaufman's impact on the industry, which leads to him saying that Kaufman should be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

WWE CLASSICS: Out of all the great rivalries in wrestling and all the great pop culture moments, what is it about this one incident that 30 years later people are still so fascinated by?

LAWLER: It was the first time something like that had happened. I don’t know if I should tell this or not, but one night I was flying back on the plane with Vince McMahon. And he said, “You know, King, I’ve never told you this before, but I was so jealous when you got Andy Kaufman and did all that stuff with him down there in Memphis. Because he was from New York, and I thought we could have done all that stuff up here.” But he also said, “But I’ll be honest with you. There’s no way on Earth we could have done it as well as you guys did it.”

WWE CLASSICS: Wow. It would have been a totally different dynamic.

LAWLER: Yes, but it would have been a first. Vince loves firsts. To this day, you hear on Monday Night Raw that you’re going to see something for the first time ever. That’s big. And this was the first time any big deal Hollywood star was involved to that extent in wrestling. Vince realized, everybody realized, because it got so much national exposure. Everything back then was still regionalized. Cable TV hadn’t hit yet. The country was divided up into wrestling territories because of TV coverage. Once Vince saw you could use a Hollywood star to get that nationwide exposure, here comes Cyndi Lauper with Captain Lou and Wendi Richter, and then Mr. T gets brought in. The ball got rolling, and it hasn’t stopped to this day. Just in the past year, Hugh Jackman was in there punching Dolph Ziggler.

WWE CLASSICS: Yeah, you really could argue that Andy Kaufman is responsible for all of that.

LAWLER: I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that he was responsible for that. I certainly believe that Andy Kaufman deserves a spot in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. Without a doubt, we would not be where we are today without his involvement. I really feel that way. Even at Raw 1,000, we had Charlie Sheen challenging Daniel Bryan to a match. It’s Andy Kaufman revisited as recently as last night.

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  • BrooksOglesby

    In the interest of keeping the article from becoming an opinion piece, I tried to keep my feelings out of it, but I am such a huge fan of Andy Kaufman. If you haven't looked at his work on the feud, I highly recommend you check it out on YouTube. If anything, I would recommend the uncensored incident on David Letterman.

    I know celebrity involvement in wrestling today is usually frowned upon, but Kaufman not only did it first, but he did it so well.

    • The M

      I personally think he did it best, Brooks.

  • BigMike

    I think King was right and This "incident" was the stepping stone Vinnie Mac used to bring Rock and Wresting together… infuse Hollywood with Pro Wrestling…..turning Pro Wrestling into "Sports Entertainment" I think the initial "seed" that grew the tree was this "Incident" with King and Andy

  • James

    Lawler has an ego as big as triple h’s

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Wow, can’t wait to read the same article again at the 35th, 40th and 50 year anniversaries, agh, enough already. We got it.