Jerry Lawler Discusses His Interest In Competing In The Ring, Not Having A Major Injury In 40 Years, More

Arda Ocal sent in the following:

theScore’s Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) sat down with WWE Commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler ( Highlights:

-How his illustrations gave him his break in pro wrestling:
“I sent the pictures into the TV station that aired the wrestling shows and lo and behold they showed my pictures on TV that week and they called me up for a job – you know how in a courtroom you see an artist drawing people on the stand, well I became a ringside artist for the wrestlers in the ring”

-Never having a major injury, especially to his knees, despite never wearing kneepads and performing a second rope fist drop which lands him on his knees almost every match:
“I’m so fortunate do have had a great career doing something that I loved so much I would have payed promoters in the beginning to let me wrestle. Never having an injury is pure luck. We see so many young guys come in and within 6 months of their career they get some sort of career threatening injury, it can happen anytime and I’ve been fortunate to avoid those.”

-Never having a sip of alcohol, never smoking or doing drugs and did he ever feel pressure to do so being in an entertainment business

-Having an extensive Coca Cola memorabilia collection in his house

-How much interest Jerry Lawler has in competing in the ring today vs doing commentary (a surprising answer, especially how often he has matches today)

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  • Wayne

    Lawler is the original straight edge.

  • Anand

    Lawler as the Heel & JR as the Face in the commentary table was much better than the current day combination of Cole as Heel and Lawler as face :(

    bring JR Back…

    • Matt Scott

      Lawler is an awful face. Worse than cole as a heel. Did you hear Lawler denying that Rhodes drop kicked Big Show at extreme rules prior to the table break on RAW?

      • Anand

        Yes. He is better off as a Heel and he is not the over-the-top kind of heel like Cole. In fact, sometimes i even enjoyed his justifications to mcmahons actions against SCSA. But, cole is just plain irritating.

  • Philip Thompson

    Yes, Lawler was the original straight edge and I think that there is a big connection between him not using drugs and not being injured. Taking drugs to enhance your look will lead to injuries.

  • Ray

    I find it interesting that he said he doesn't even like doing commentary.

  • Kevin

    I remember watching The King wrestle when I was growing up. Mid South Wrestling was The King's Show! I never knew he started out as an artist. This was a very interesting, and enlightening, interview. I can't wait for part 2.

  • Philip James Hanan

    Wow. Straight-Edge like me and loves Coca-Cola memorabilia. And likes to draw like me and likes wrestling like me. AWESOME!