Jerry Lawler Discusses Vince McMahon High Praise For Him, Favorite Wrestlemania Moments

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Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Jerry Lawler. Below are some notable excerpts:

“Honestly, I’m not trying to blow my own horn, because I feel lucky moreso than anything,” Lawler said, “but [WWE CEO/Chairman] Vince McMahon once told me, ‘I think you’re the most all-around talented guy I’d ever met in this industry.’ Then he explained, ‘You’ve done everything and done everything well. You’ve owned a wrestling company. You started out as a referee. You’ve wrestled. You’ve booked. You’ve done payrolls. You’ve done commentary. You still wrestle.’

“My favorite moments for actually calling the action, there have been so many. One match that I really enjoyed calling was The Rock against Hulk Hogan [WrestleMania 18 in 2002 in Toronto]. That was a match you thought you’d never see. I’d put that like a match between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. It was just something you thought would never happen, and it was a great match. As far as I’m concerned, of the matches I’ve seen, it was probably Hulk Hogan’s best match ever, and The Rock was fabulous in it. So I thought that match was great.

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  • Ricky Valdez

    I have also thought that the match hogan had with dwane was hogans best match for his career, great match.

    • urnemystic

      I agree. Hogan spent his entire career trying to work opponents that wouldnt outshine him.

  • bill

    lawler sucks as a face announcer needs to go heel

  • BigMike

    People never Give Hulk the credit he deserves as an actual wrestler YEs he only needed to Hulk up 3 punches big boot leg drop and done BUT that was not his fault he was trained by a Submission master in Florida who Broke Hulk's leg the first time he saw Hulk just to see what he had in him. If u ever lok at some of his matches in Japan he does good chain wrestling with Armbar SUbmissions