Jerry Lawler Hospitalized In Baltimore

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WWE sent Jerry Lawler to a local Baltimore hospital on Monday after he began throwing up at the site of this week's episode of Raw - the Baltimore Arena in Maryland. The hospital ran some tests and he's believed to be OK.

There's no word as of press time if Lawler will still appear on this week's "Old School" episode of Raw.

6:00 PM EST Update: is reporting Lawler is "doing fine" after visiting a Baltimore hospital on Monday. Their site is currently offline, however, the link to their report is below:

I've contacted the local Baltimore hospitals and none had a current patient record for Lawler but that could depend on numerous things. I've also contacted WWE in attempt to get a statement but haven't heard back as of press time. End update.

  • T-Zone

    I hope it’s nothing serious. Good luck, Jerry. Don’t scare us again.

  • Richard, thanks for being so timely with this. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Mysterion

    Are hospitals even allowed to divulge that information? Patient confidentiality and what not ?

    • Rus

      A hospital can say if they are treating a patient, never know if Richard had have played his cards right he could have been put through to Lawlers phone next to his bed lol

      • Mysterion

        Why would you want that? Let’s ask an already pissed off Lawler if he’s feeling any better after his upset tummy? Dude, why?

        • Rus

          Dude relax, did I say that id want to do it I was answering what you asked. Hospitals would prob have a different system for celebs and to people who aren’t just average public anyways but no the receptionist that answers the phone is not a doctor so Patient confidentiality doesn’t really apply

  • Tito Carlstrom

    Lawler needs to retired.

    • Mysterion

      You needs to Englished

    • Mysterion

      Actually, I’ve just read your other comments. I retract my light hearted jab. “Who cares about Lawler?” “I don’t like Lawler, he annoys me” “No body cares about Lawler. He has to go”?

      Sorry bud, but I think you’ll finds whole hell of a lot more people care about, respect and want to hear from him than your narrow minded ideologies. The guy is a legend in a business where success is rarer than your lead to believe. You might not like him but that’s not to say no one cares, is it? I don’t like you, after reading them pretty distasteful comments, but it doesn’t mean no one cares about you. Grow some respect and a little humility.