Jerry Lawler Collapses During Raw Broadcast

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Arda Ocal is reporting that Jerry Lawler collapsed at the announce table during the #1 Contender's tag team match on Raw and had to be carried to the back. Lawler could be seen hunched over during part of the match. Ocal's tweets are compiled below:

Jerry is in our thoughts and prayers and we will keep you updated as information becomes available.

  • C.J. Lewis

    I knew something didn’t look good, when everyone was chanting Jerry. Hope he’s ok!

  • HugeRockStar

    At raw right now, not sure what happened but all of a sudden there was commotion at the announce table and Jerry was taken out on a stretcher. Hope he’s alright.

  • Christoff

    We’re right behind them he went into convulsions suffering from an obvious seizure. It did not look good.

  • Joey

    Hang in there King

  • Bryan

    Cole may usually suck at commentary, but the way he's handling this situation just made me gain a TON of respect for him as a man.

    • Brian

      Agreed, and having no commentary for the rest of the night was a good call by wwe

  • Matt

    If never doubted Michael Cole's professionalism but tonight moved him up in my book. I couldn't help but remember how King and JR reacted to Owen Hart and that, no doubt, solidified them as professionals.

  • ryan

    Get well king ur the greatest

  • Tony P.

    Yea, i remember being in the arena when Owen fell. After that, i never went to another event again. King will beat this and be back soon.

  • phil d have stated that it was a heart attack the same thing happened to my dad so i know the pain his family are going through so get well soon king raw is not the same without you