Jerry Lawler On Returning To Montreal - "I Haven't Felt Bad For One Minute Since"; Bret Hart Speaks On Raw Fallout

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Jerry Lawler On Returning To Montreal

WWE has uploaded an interview in which Jerry Lawler talks about his return to Montreal for the first time since his heart attack during Raw in 2012. Lawler says he hasn't felt bad for one minute since. Click here to watch.

Bret Hart & More On Raw Fallout

Bret Hart, Chris Jericho & The Usos (along with referee Dan Engler) star in this week's episode of Raw Fallout, embedded below:

Hart vs. Sandhart

Jericho Returns a Winner

Uso Confusion

  • Dave Barton

    It was a cardiac arrest, not a heart attack…there is a difference.

    • It was a heart attack that ended up in cardiac arrest.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Bret Hart was attacked before he was arrested??