Jerry Lawler Returning To Commentary On Friday

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Jerry Lawler is scheduled to return to color commentary for the first time since suffering a heart attack live on WWE Raw on Monday, September 10, 2012 in Montreal. Lawler is booked for a show at the Mid-South Fair in Southaven, Mississippi on Friday night.

Originally scheduled to wrestle, Lawler will help call matches at ringside as he continues to recover from the heart attack and having a stent put in. He'll be participating in a meet and great at the Landers Center in Southaven prior to the show.

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  • Evon Reese

    He will receive a standing ovation for sure

  • Matt

    If that can't draw a huge crowd I don't know what will!

  • Don MacEachern

    Hi Folks. It is a stent put in not a stint. Big Difference

    • Ashley

      Thankfully he fixed it!

  • Dave Barton

    His voice still sounded like it wasn't nearly healed this past Monday. Wonder how his commentary will be?

  • PhilT81

    He did a TV interview in Memphis and his voice definitely sounded better than it had on RAW.