Jerry Lawler Says He Has A Match Against Michael Cole At This Week's Smackdown Taping

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Jerry Lawler wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Bubba J

    Hopefully it’s a dark match

  • James

    Wonder what is going with Cole and Lawler. I do not understand WWE making these types of matches.

  • Evon Reese

    No no no. Please nooooo!!!

  • Thisguy

    Oh no, not again…

  • Noah

    Not this crap again

  • Evon Reese

    Please make it stop! If this is the best they can do its another reason not to fire Randy Orton.

  • Hunter

    Wow I sure hope it’s a dark match WTF

  • chris

    i miss heel lawler. jerry is so lame as a face

    • Anand

      I agree. Lawler was a much much better heel than he is a face now. His combination with JR was the best. Lawler the typical heel supporting everything vince or HHH or any other heel does and JR bashing him was great to hear.

  • Blake

    Random wow

  • Robert Rice

    Anyone else thinks this is a way of "Interim GM" Vicki Guerrerro to get back at Jerry for always making fun of her and it will turn into a handicap match with Dolph Zigler and Michael Cole taking on The King.

  • Anand

    What happened to this match? Did it happen? I dont see this in the smackdown results page 🙁