Jerry Lawler Says He's Nothing Like The Character He Plays On TV

TMZ cameras caught up with Jerry Lawler at the airport recently. Below is a quick recap:

The photog asked Lawler which character is least like the character they play on TV. He said that would probably be him because on TV he's all girl crazy and seemingly after all the Divas all the time and in real life, he's not that way at all.

He was asked about Andre the Giant. King said Andre was awesome. When asked about Andre's drinking, Lawler explained how because of his size, a case was equivalent to a six pack to most of the guys.

You can watch the interview embedded below:

  • Splat

    I don’t think I could handle some random person sticking a camera in my face and asking questions. This isn’t an interview it’s an ambush.

  • AJ Punk

    Does that mean that maybe Jerry Lawler is actually funny in real life?