Jerry Lawler Says JBL Will Replace Him On Commentary At Night Of Champions

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Jerry Lawler wrote the following on Twitter:

We reported earlier this morning here on that WWE had reached out to JBL at commentary for Night of Champions.

  • Gage

    Wow, the last time we saw JBL was back to sign that referee contract between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler…. until Austin came out. Anyway, can't wait.

    • lee

      No he was at raw 1000 when lita hired the APA

      • Gage

        um… yeah, i knew that….

  • Noah


  • Ian P.

    Good call WWE!

  • unknown

    the return of the wrestling god to commentary. id love to see him back on the smackdown table on a sidenote

  • Jessssssss

    Such a shame that they didnt call in good ol’ JR… Wouldve loved to see him. But JBL was fabulous nonetheless!